It’s Already Snowing in Chile | Valle Nevado is getting pounded!

It’s Already Snowing in Chile | Valle Nevado is getting pounded!
April 27, 2012

It is the equivalent of late October below the equator and  Valle Nevado, Chile is already getting pounded with snow. Here are some photos from their Facebook Page showing the extent of the new fallen snow.   For more info on Valle Nevado and their new gondola check out this article by The Ski Channel – Chile Prepares For Big Winter.

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Britain: Forget The Floods And Get Ready To Shiver

Forget The Floods And Get Ready To Shiver
May 02, 2012

After a mini heatwave and the wettest April on record, now parts of Britain are braced for a taste of some wintry weather.

Forecasters say it will be turning much colder as we head towards the weekend, with some areas seeing unseasonable frost and sub-zero temperatures.

Sky weather presenter Nazaneen Ghaffar said: “It’s all thanks to a cold front slowly moving southwards across the UK on Friday. This will bring with it colder air into northern areas.

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Australia: Rain, hail, and snow drive state into an early winter

Rain, hail, and snow drive state into an early winter
May 3, 2012

Winter’s official arrival may still be a month off but it won’t feel so far away today with rain, hail and snow set to fall on Victoria.

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NL: Severe damage to fruit cultivation after severe winter

NL: Severe damage to fruit cultivation after severe winter
12 April 2012

Fruit cultivation has suffered tens of millions of euro damage as a result of severe cold this Winter. Almost all over the Netherlands there is damage. The damage is most severe in Flevoland and North Holland, in the north of the country. Also parts of Utrecht and North Brabant further south have been hit hard. Pears have been especially damaged, but other fruit as well.

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Severe winter devastates Mongolian herder families

Severe winter devastates Mongolian herder families
16 April 2010

A particularly severe winter in Mongolia is having a devastating impact on more than 12,000 people from herding families, whose entire reserves of livestock have died in the harsh conditions.

These livestock are the primary source of income and food for nomadic families, and as a result thousands are struggling to survive. The impact on the country’s vital livestock reserves has increased dramatically in the past month. In March, the government reported the overall number of deceased animals increased from one million to 4.5 million in less than a month, and now stands at approximately 10 per cent of the country’s total livestock.

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