Christchurch, New Zealand: Coldest day in 130 years of records

Coldest day in 130 years of records
7 June 2012

The National Institute of Water amd Atmospheric Research says the paltry maximum temperature of 0.4 degrees Celsius at Christchurch Airport in the official 24-hour period from 9am yesterday to 9am today is the lowest in more than 130 years of record-keeping.

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Auckland, New Zealand: It’s official – summer was rubbish

It’s official – summer was rubbish
5 March 2012

It’s been a summer of cold temperatures, water spouts and lack of sunshine.

Now new Niwa figures back up what everyone already knows – Auckland’s summer was one of the worst on records.

The figures also show December 18 was also among the coolest on record.

The 14.9C recorded in Whangaparoa that day was the second lowest recorded on December 18 since 1982 while the 15.1C in Whenuapai was the coldest since 1951.

It was 15.5C in Henderson – the second-lowest since 1971 and 15.4C in Auckland central – the third lowest temperature on that day since 1961…

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Has New Zealand been cheated out of a summer?

Weather Watch: Time’s running short for any real summer
February 12, 2012

Have we been cheated out of a summer? It’s certainly looking that way.

A year ago Timaru took the national high with a 42C peak at the start of February. This weekend they are heading for highs of around 15C.

Last year the North Island’s eastern areas were climbing to the mid 30s … but this week reaching the low 20s has been an achievement.

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Once in a lifetime snow storm hits New Zealand

‘Once in a lifetime’ snow storm hits New Zealand
15 Aug 2011

A “once in a lifetime” polar blast of snow, sleet and gales has blocked roads, grounded flights and cut power across New Zealand.

Blizzards lashing the South Island moved on to the more populated North Island, with falls in central Wellington and southern suburbs of Auckland where snow had not been seen since the mid-1970s.

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Heavy snow across the world

Heavy snow across the world
27 September 2010

…New Zealand, Canada and The Alps have seen some decent snowfalls this week. It has been a pretty amazing time for some resorts around the world….

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Big September Snowfalls in Canada
September 23, 2010

…Last winter Marmot opened on November 11, its earliest opening date ever, with ideal snow conditions. So far this fall is shaping up to deliver a repeat performance of last year’s early season snowfalls which helped contribute to Marmot’s record setting year for attendance…

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Huge Snowfalls in New Zealand
September 23, 2010

…”We have received heavy snow mainly from the west and north west since late last week. Whakapapa has gone from 130cm’s a week ago to over two metres….

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New Zealand: Mercury plunges to record lows

Mercury plunges to record lows
Jul 14, 2010

An extreme cold snap has broken temperature records and produced what are likely to be the country’s coldest nights this year.

The National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research said the past few days had seen some of the lowest temperatures on record.

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New Zealand: Coldest October in over 25 years

Coldest October in over 25 years
Nov 02, 2009

New Zealanders have just shivered through the coldest October in more than 25 years – not long after they enjoyed the warmest August on record, says a climate analyst.

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New Zealand: Record icy blast was what hit us

Record icy blast was what hit us
October 7, 2009

…The polar blast is the result of a low pressure system and south-easterly that gripped much of the North Island on Sunday resulting in record 70-year lows for many areas, including Wairarapa….

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NZ: It’s spring, but winter won’t quit

It’s spring, but winter won’t quit
September 25, 2009

It’s spring, and the clocks are about to go forward, but weather extremes have brought torrential rain around Auckland and snow in the lower North Island.

The extreme cold hit Manawatu, with snow falling in Dannevirke, Woodville and Norsewood. The region also had heavy rain and temperatures down to 3C.

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NZ: Cold weather drives veg prices up 12pc

Cold weather drives veg prices up 12pc
August 13, 2009

Food prices went up 0.6 per cent last month, says Statistics NZ, with higher vegetable prices accounting for nearly all the growth.

Cold weather hampering growing conditions pushed vegetable prices up 12.3 per cent higher than the same month last year, but were still not as high as the levels seen in August 2008.

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