Sunday in NL as cold as Christmas Day

Sunday in NL as cold as Christmas Day
4 June 2012

With a maximum temperature of 11 degrees Celsius, Sunday was the Netherlands’ coldest summer’s day since 1975. Meteorological service Meteo Consult reports that it was just as ‘warm’ on Christmas Day.

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NL: Severe damage to fruit cultivation after severe winter

NL: Severe damage to fruit cultivation after severe winter
12 April 2012

Fruit cultivation has suffered tens of millions of euro damage as a result of severe cold this Winter. Almost all over the Netherlands there is damage. The damage is most severe in Flevoland and North Holland, in the north of the country. Also parts of Utrecht and North Brabant further south have been hit hard. Pears have been especially damaged, but other fruit as well.

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High Hopes for First Dutch Skating Marathon in 15 Years

High Hopes for First Dutch Skating Marathon in 15 Years
February 12, 2012

The historic Elfstedentocht marathon may finally take place again in the Netherlands this year, according to Reuters. The marathon has not taken place since 1997, but temperatures may finally be cold enough for skaters to take to the ice once more.

The marathon takes ice skaters through 11 Dutch cities and 200 kilometers (or 124 miles) of frozen canals. The skate has only happened 15 times since the 1909 inaugural race.

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Cold weather kills dozens in Europe

Cold weather kills dozens in Europe
January 25, 2010

Dozens of people have died in cold weather sweeping eastern Europe with temperatures today dipping to -35 degrees in some areas, causing schools to close and disrupting road and rail traffic.

Though eastern Europe has borne the brunt of the latest cold snap, temperatures also dropped to -17 degrees in the Netherlands, whose meteorological agency declared this the coldest winter in 30 years.

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Dutch canals freeze for the first time in twelve years

Dutch canals freeze for the first time in twelve years

Canal ice skating is part of the Dutch national identity, but according to the International Herald Tribune, climate change and pollution have turned Holland’s annual canal-freeze into a rarity. Holland’s canals have frozen for the first time in twelve years this month, thrilling the citizens of the land of Hans Brinker:

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Madrid airport closed as Europe seized by frigid weather

Madrid airport closed as Europe seized by frigid weather
January 10, 2009

A rare, heavy snowfall in central Spain closed Madrid’s airport and paralysed traffic in the city and several German rivers were frozen over as much of Europe remained in the grip of Siberian conditions on Friday.

The bitter cold which has embraced the much of the continent since the end of last year comes amid Russian gas cuts to several European countries.

But not everyone was unhappy about the cold snap, as people in the Netherlands rediscovered the pleasures of skating along the iced-over canals.

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Europe shivers at record low temperatures

Europe shivers at record low temperatures
08 January 2009

Temperatures plunged to record lows in Germany and heavy snow forced normally sunny Marseille to close its international airport as freezing winter weather gripped much of Europe on Wednesday.

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