Connecticut: For July 10th, it’s c-c-c-cold

For July 10th, it’s c-c-c-cold

It’s an unusually cool morning, as temperatures are near record-breaking lows for today’s date, July 10.

At Sikorsky Memorial Airport, the early morning low was 55, just one degree above the record, set in 1983.

At Danbury Municipal Airport, the low was 50, three degrees above the record low for the date, set in 1953.



Cold Weather Brings Silent Killer To State

Cold Weather Brings Silent Killer To State
December 12, 2008

EAST HARTFORD, Conn.The cold weather is here and it has brought with it a silent killer.

With many people turning up their furnaces and throwing would on the fire, the Department of Public Health is warning resident of the dangers of carbon monoxide.

The Connecticut Department of Public Health said that each year, the colorless, odorless gas causes about 33 hospitalizations, 339 emergency room visits and four deaths.