March 2013 was one of Northern Ireland’s coldest

March 2013 was one of Northern Ireland’s coldest
3 April 2013

March 2013 was the joint second coldest in Northern Ireland since records began, alongside 1919, 1937 and 1962.

According to figures from the Met Office the mean temperature for the month was a cold 2.8C.

March was also colder than any of the preceding winter months of December, January and February.

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Northern Ireland winter will be even worse than last year

Northern Ireland winter will be even worse than last year
8 September 2011

A white Christmas may be a safe bet this year as another cold winter with plenty of snow being predicted by forecasters.

Last winter was Northern Ireland’s worst in a century with record freezing temperatures, but an alert has been issued that this year could be even worse.

The blustery winds and falling leaves in early September have signalled the end of what was the coldest summer in two decades.

Now weather forecasters are predicting a brief autumn before we embark on another severe winter, with the first snow predicted to fall as early as October.

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