It’s Already Snowing in Chile | Valle Nevado is getting pounded!

It’s Already Snowing in Chile | Valle Nevado is getting pounded!
April 27, 2012

It is the equivalent of late October below the equator and  Valle Nevado, Chile is already getting pounded with snow. Here are some photos from their Facebook Page showing the extent of the new fallen snow.   For more info on Valle Nevado and their new gondola check out this article by The Ski Channel – Chile Prepares For Big Winter.

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Atacama desert: 32 inches of snowfall over driest place on earth!

32 inches of snowfall over driest place on earth!
July 07, 2011

Chile: A cold wave in Chile has brought snow to the Atacama desert, a region known for being the driest place in the world.

According to the national emergency centre in Chile, the area had not seen this amount of snow in close to 20 years.

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Record cold in South America causes loss of human life, cattle deaths and gas shortages

175 people killed in South America record cold spell
20 July 2010

…At least 175 people have died in the coldest winter in South America in recent years, officials in six affected countries…

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Thousands of cattle lost

…The polar wave that has trapped the Southern Cone of South America has caused an estimated one hundred deaths and killed thousands of cattle, according to the latest reports on Monday from Argentina, south of Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile and Bolivia…

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Argentine Industries Face Gas Shortages as Record Cold Spurs Demand

…Argentine industrial users such as Dow Chemical Co. are suffering gas shortages amid a record cold winter in the Latin American country where temperatures fell below those in the South Pole…


Fresh snow on four continents

Fresh snow on four continents
30 September 2009

– Fresh snow in Europe.
– Fresh snow in New Zealand as season winds down.
– Fresh snow in Australia leads some resorts to extend season.
– Fresh snow for Whistler as Olympic season draws near.
– Fresh snow in Chile and Argentina

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Historic snow event in South America

Historic snow event in South America
July 23, 2009

More news from the weather is not climate department. A historic winter storm event in South America is underway (July 22nd, 2009) meanwhile in the northern hemisphere, fresh snow in the Alps in July.

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