Snowbound in. . . Africa?

Snowbound in. . . Africa?
Feb 22, 2012

The severe winter cold and snow that killed hundreds of people while disrupting the lives of millions in Europe over three weeks also left a heavy mark on residents of neighboring northern Africa.

Hardest hit in Africa was the eastern Atlas Mountain region of northeastern Algeria into northwestern Tunisia, where snow has piled up by the foot, multiple news outlets have said.

Deep snow reportedly isolated villages, forcing authorities to airdrop supplies to the snowbound residents.

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Rare Snows in North Africa

Rare Snows in North Africa
February 4, 2012

A rare accumulating snowfall is in progress in Algiers, the capital city of Algeria.

Cold air associated with a storm system currently moving into the region from the north is providing for some decent accumulations of snow in the north African country.

According to Accuweather Meteorologist Eric Wanenchak, most reports say the last time Algiers saw this kind of accumulation was at least seven years ago in 2005.

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Storm brings snow to Sahara Desert

Storm brings snow to Sahara Desert
Jan 18, 2012

BECHAR, Algeria – Snow fell Tuesday in the Sahara Desert in western Algeria.

A 24-hour cold spell brought snow and rain to the region.

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