Cold Weather in Turkey Raises Electricity Prices to Record High

Cold Weather in Turkey Raises Electricity Prices to Record High
February 15, 2012

ISTANBUL, TURKEY–February 15, 2012–Researched by Industrial Info Re-sources (Sugar Land, Texas)–Turkish consumers could see their electricity bills swell in the coming month as an ongoing cold spell, accompanied by heavy snowfall, takes a toll on the country’s natural gas supply, a key resource for electricity production.

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Record cold weather kills two in Italy

Record cold weather kills two in Italy
February 2, 2012

ROME, February 2 (Xinhua) — A record Siberian cold current hit Italy, causing at least two deaths and disrupting transport, local media said on Thursday.

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Dozens killed as icy weather grips Japan

Dozens killed as icy weather grips Japan
February 2, 2012

Heavy snow that has blanketed northern Japan for weeks, triggering avalanches and affecting transport networks, has left at least 55 people dead.

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Turkey: Snowfall creates havoc in ‘white Istanbul’…coldest day in the last 33 years

Snowfall creates havoc in ‘white Istanbul’
January 31, 2012

Heavy snowfall paralyzed daily life in Turkey, especially in Istanbul, yesterday as the country’s biggest city experienced its coldest day in the last 33 years.


Freeze Kills Dozens In Eastern Europe

Freeze Kills Dozens In Eastern Europe
January 31, 2012

Heavy snow and a severe cold snap are reported to have killed dozens of people across Eastern Europe.

Ukraine’s Emergency Situations Ministry said 18 people have died of hypothermia in recent days, and nearly 500 people have sought medical help for frostbite and hypothermia.

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January 28,2012

HEALTH chiefs issued a nationwide alert yesterday warning of a killer freeze on the way.

Dubbed the “Beast from the East”, the weather system is set to roar in from Siberia bringing widespread snow and freezing temperatures.

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Japan: Record snowfall disrupts railway and highway travel, halting factories at Toyota Motor Corp. and other manufacturers

Snow snarls but looks to abate
Jan. 18, 2011

…Snowfall was seen in central Japan as well, forcing Toyota Motor Corp. to idle factories.

In the Chugoku region in the west and on the Sea of Japan coast Monday morning, snow piled as high as 195 cm in Kitahiroshima, Hiroshima Prefecture, 137 cm in Maniwa, Okayama Prefecture, 91 cm in Onan, Shimane Prefecture, and 253 cm in Daisen in neighboring Tottori Prefecture — all record highs in western Japan, the weather agency said…

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Berlin sees most snow in December since 1900s

Berlin sees most snow in December since 1900s

BERLIN, Dec. 28 (Xinhua) — German capital Berlin has experienced more snow this month than any other December of past 110 years, as more bitter cold is expected in the country’s east, the German Weather Service (DWD) said Tuesday.

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More Heavy Snow In The Alps – extreme winter weathers has led to temporary closures of some areas

More Heavy Snow In The Alps

There have been heavy snowfalls in the Alps over the past few days with accumulations of up to 60cm (two feet) reported.

Around 18 glacier ski areas are currently open to enjoy it all in the four main Alpine nations, although the extreme winter weathers has led to temporary closures of some areas so it is of course important to check ahead before you arrive.

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Heavy snow across the world

Heavy snow across the world
27 September 2010

…New Zealand, Canada and The Alps have seen some decent snowfalls this week. It has been a pretty amazing time for some resorts around the world….

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Big September Snowfalls in Canada
September 23, 2010

…Last winter Marmot opened on November 11, its earliest opening date ever, with ideal snow conditions. So far this fall is shaping up to deliver a repeat performance of last year’s early season snowfalls which helped contribute to Marmot’s record setting year for attendance…

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Huge Snowfalls in New Zealand
September 23, 2010

…”We have received heavy snow mainly from the west and north west since late last week. Whakapapa has gone from 130cm’s a week ago to over two metres….

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