Australia: Melbourne shivers through coldest morning in four years

Melbourne shivers through coldest morning in four years
July 7, 2012

Melbourne endured its coldest morning in four years today, with the mercury dipping to just 2.3 degrees at 6.42am.

It was a chilly start to the day even for July, which is Melbourne’s coldest month. The usual mean minimum temperature is just six degrees.

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Australia: Rain, hail, and snow drive state into an early winter

Rain, hail, and snow drive state into an early winter
May 3, 2012

Winter’s official arrival may still be a month off but it won’t feel so far away today with rain, hail and snow set to fall on Victoria.

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Australia: Coldest start to Summer

Storms rattle Sydney in coolest start to summer in 51 years
December 4, 2011

Thunderstorms are helping Sydney achieve its coolest start to summer in 51 years, according to

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Melbourne shivers through coldest summer in 15 years
December 02, 2011

MOTHER Nature missed her cue as Melbourne yesterday shivered through its coldest start to summer in 15 years.

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Australia: Record cold September in the east

Melbourne endures coldest month in 16 years
September 30, 2010

Melbourne has had its coldest September in 16 years, with only one day this month above 20 degrees, according to
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Adelaide finally thawing after coldest September in 18 years
September 30, 2010

Warmer days ahead will provide Adelaide residents with a good thawing out after enduring their coldest September in 18 years, according to
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Sydney’s coldest September in five years
September 30, 2010

After their coldest winter in 13 years Sydney residents have just experienced their coldest September in five years, according to
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Record cold in Australia

Record cold in Australia

Adelaide, Alice Springs, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney

Desperate times as Alice shivers on coldest day
July 6, 2010

The previous coldest day was in August 1966 when the maximum temperature reached just 7 degrees Celsius.

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Adelaide: Record looms, and shivers it’s cold
July 05, 2010

The Bureau of Meteorology’s early forecast is for an overnight low of just 3C tonight and if correct it will equal the record run of six nights below 5C set in 1982.

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Sydney’s coldest June morning for more than 60 years
June 30, 2010

Sydney’s week of cold weather continues, with the city recording its coldest June morning since 1949 when temperatures dived to 4.3 degrees.

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Melbourne faces longest cold snap in 14 years
July 2, 2010

If you thought it was colder than normal, you’re right: Melbourne is within reach of its longest cold snap in 14 years.

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Perth on track to beat winter chill record
June 30, 2010

The recent run of cold night weather in Perth could soon become the longest spell on record as the city shivers through its coldest June in 15 years.

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Cloud blankets Queensland, Brisbane coldest in two years
July 2, 2010

Brisbane only reached a maximum of 16 degrees, four below the July average and the coldest day in almost two whole years. Longreach, near the heart of Queensland, topped at just 14, the second coldest July day in 17 years.

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Australia: Cold snap set to bring snow in Spring

Cold snap set to bring snow in Spring
October 05, 2009

VICTORIANS have been warned to brace for a springtime cold snap, with freak conditions to bring rain and snow.

The Bureau of Meteorology predicts temperatures will drop to the low teens tomorrow and Wednesday as a front blows in from southwestern Tasmania.

“We will have a couple of days where we will struggle to get above the low to mid teens and there will be snow down to 600 or 800 metres,” forecaster Peter Newham said.

He said heavy snow in early spring had been rare in the past 50 years.

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Record freeze for AFL grand final

Record freeze for grand final
September 26, 2009

WEATHER forecasters are predicting temperatures to drop below 10 degrees during today’s Grand Final at the MCG.

The freezing Antarctic blast is set to make this the coldest premiership decider in history.

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Melbourne temperatures plummet in anticipation of Al Gore’s visit next week!

Melbourne temperatures plummet in anticipation of Al Gore’s visit next week!

(Al Gore will be in Melbourne on 13 July 2009 for the launch of Safe Climate Australia)

Video: Temperature drops in Melbourne
July 8, 2009: Melbourne is set for more icy weather from the current cold snap, with some temperatures set to drop below zero.

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Australia: Cold weather smashes records

Cold weather smashes records
June 11, 2009

A bumper start to the ski season, Canberra frozen, snow over the Melbourne hills, widespread severe frost and records are falling.

The cold snap is abating slowly, but not before a final icy sting that has seen records fall across the southeast in the last 24 hours. Frost under clear skies last night was severe in much of the inland, notably Canberra’s -5.8 degrees this morning, their coldest for June in nine years.

Yesterday, Thredbo reached a high of -6.4 degrees, the coldest maximum recorded in New South Wales for 31 years. Last night, Cabramurra’s minimum fell to a 12 year low of -6.8 degrees. Coastal locations also felt the cold with Montague Island’s mercury levelling out at three degrees last night, their coldest June night in 37 years.

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Winter Down Under Starts Early at Mount Buller

Winter Down Under Starts Early at Mount Buller
May 14, 2009

..This year in particular looks fantastic for the Victorian snowfields. The Mount Buller resort region has already had a weekend opening for skiers, making it the earliest start to the season in history, and five weeks ahead of the usual schedule…

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