Arctic Cold Blasts in South American Regions

Arctic Cold Blasts in South American Regions
June 7, 2012

Brasilia, Jun 7 (Prensa Latina) Record cold winter temperatures have come to South America this year, in places such as the town of Quaraí in the Brazilian region known as the Western Frontier, where a temperature of 2.2 degrees Celsius, the lowest of the year, was registered.

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It’s Already Snowing in Chile | Valle Nevado is getting pounded!

It’s Already Snowing in Chile | Valle Nevado is getting pounded!
April 27, 2012

It is the equivalent of late October below the equator and  Valle Nevado, Chile is already getting pounded with snow. Here are some photos from their Facebook Page showing the extent of the new fallen snow.   For more info on Valle Nevado and their new gondola check out this article by The Ski Channel – Chile Prepares For Big Winter.

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Cold strikes Argentina’s blueberries

Cold strikes Argentina’s blueberries

A chill has been blowing through Argentina’s blueberry industry the last couple of years, and this season may be worse yet, according to suppliers.

“This past August has been the coldest August in history for Concordia and Tucuman (Argentina’s two earliest blueberry regions),” said Ulises Sabato, owner of Blueberries SA in Concordia and partner in Fresh Results LLC in Weston, Fla. “We had 25 frost controls during the month, between mid-July to the end of August. That’s a huge number.”

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Cold Wave Kills 6 Million Fish in Eastern Bolivia

Cold Wave Kills 6 Million Fish in Eastern Bolivia
August 5, 2010

LA PAZ – Authorities in the eastern Bolivian province of Santa Cruz declared an alert following the death of 6 million fish from the unusually cold weather gripping the country in recent weeks.

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Children perish in Peru big freeze

Children perish in Peru big freeze
Jul 26, 2010

Children aged under five have made up most of the hundreds of victims of a severe snap of cold weather sweeping southern Peru.
So far this year at least 409 people have died of pneumonia and illnesses triggered by the cold weather.

Most of the dead have been children younger than five years old and people aged over 60. Poor countryside communities living at more than 3,000m above sea level are the worst hit and doctors say malnutrition, extreme poverty and poor living conditions are another reason so many are dying.

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Record cold in South America causes loss of human life, cattle deaths and gas shortages

175 people killed in South America record cold spell
20 July 2010

…At least 175 people have died in the coldest winter in South America in recent years, officials in six affected countries…

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Thousands of cattle lost

…The polar wave that has trapped the Southern Cone of South America has caused an estimated one hundred deaths and killed thousands of cattle, according to the latest reports on Monday from Argentina, south of Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile and Bolivia…

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Argentine Industries Face Gas Shortages as Record Cold Spurs Demand

…Argentine industrial users such as Dow Chemical Co. are suffering gas shortages amid a record cold winter in the Latin American country where temperatures fell below those in the South Pole…


‘Polar frost’ leaves 40 dead in Argentina

‘Polar frost’ leaves 40 dead in Argentina

MOSCOW, July 27 (RIA Novosti) – Severe cold weather that has gripped central and southern Argentina for two weeks has already killed about 40 people, the Infobae news website reported on Monday.

According to Argentinean media, “a wave of polar frost” came to Argentina last week and caused “a sensational drop in the temperature to minus 16 degrees Celsius.” The average winter temperature in Argentina is about 10 degrees Celsius, ranging from 20 C in the north to 1 C in the south.

Compounding the cold, several southern regions saw heavy snowfalls, including in the south of Buenos Aires province, where there was 40 centimeters of snow for the first time in 50 years.

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Historic snow event in South America

Historic snow event in South America
July 23, 2009

More news from the weather is not climate department. A historic winter storm event in South America is underway (July 22nd, 2009) meanwhile in the northern hemisphere, fresh snow in the Alps in July.

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250 Children die in harsh Peru winter as freezing temperatures arrived almost three months earlier than usual

Children die in harsh Peru winter
12 July 2009

Almost 250 children under the age of five have died in a wave of intensely cold weather in Peru.

Children die from pneumonia and other respiratory infections every year during the winter months particularly in Peru’s southern Andes.

But this year freezing temperatures arrived almost three months earlier than usual.

Experts blame climate change for the early arrival of intense cold which began in March.

Winter in the region does not usually begin until June.

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Dozens of Peru children lose lives after being affected by cold weather

Dozens of Peru children lose lives after being affected by cold weather
7 May, 2009

…Every year, as cold fronts hit Peru, dozens of children in Peru’s highlands begin to lose their lives because of colds or infections. This has already been the case of twenty-six children in Puno…