Record snow leaves many in dark, and with plenty of spoiled food

Wet snow leaves many in dark, and with plenty of spoiled food
March 15, 2013

While last week’s record snowfall may have melted, with power restored to most, downed trees removed and things getting back to normal, some families in Greene and other affected areas are facing a new emergency.

Power failures created by last Wednesday’s storm mean that many people are dumping spoiled food from refrigerators and freezers.

For some the loss may be even greater. Since the preceding weekend was the beginning of the month, some families have lost a great deal of food supplies for the month. Even with insurance, spending money to replace this food may mean not spending money needed for medication, utilities and rent.

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Lynchburg breaks 84-year cold record

March 4, 2009

roanoke,va – Lynchburg broke an 84-year record Tuesday morning, posting the first single-digit temperature for that date since records have been kept.