Alberta hit by record lows as arctic air moves east

Alberta hit by record lows as arctic air moves east
Jan 18, 2012

Cold, blustery weather is blowing into much of Ontario and Quebec, leaving behind frigid temperatures that have shattered records across Alberta.

On Wednesday, dozens of communities across the province were hit with temperatures below –30 C, and 13 of them were hit with record lows. In the town of Hendrickson Creek, Alta., it was a bone-chilling –41.4.

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July in Norfolk was the coldest on record

July in Norfolk was the coldest on record
August 11, 2009

A July that saw many people trading sweaters for swimsuits will go down as the coldest on record.

The average temperature for the month, as recorded at the Delhi weather station (the most complete data recorder in the area), was 18 Celsius. That is almost three degrees off the normal of 20.9C for the month and the coolest July since records started in 1934. The previous record was 18.3C, which was set in 1965.

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Rain, cooler temps hit Delhi farms

Rain, cooler temps hit Delhi farms
August 6, 2009

Delhi and area farmers just can’t catch a break with July weather.

In 2007 there was a drought. July of last year was labeled the soggiest July on record and last month was the coldest.

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OTTAWA: Low tonight predicted to break 59-year record

Low tonight predicted to break 59-year record
July 14, 2009

OTTAWA — You think it’s cold now? Wait until this evening when the temperature is expected to drop to a record-breaking 8 C. The coldest temperature ever recorded on July 14 in Ottawa is 8.9 C, set in 1950.


‘Strange’ January weather surprises climatologist

‘Strange’ January weather surprises climatologist
January 29, 2009

…While last year’s record-breaking snowfalls across York Region and southern Ontario garnered the winter of 2007/08 the notorious name tag, ‘the season from hell,’ statistics from Environment Canada reveal that the winter of 2008/09 could be freezing and snowing us into the record books yet again…