Snow brings chaos to Belgium and northern France

Snow brings chaos to Belgium and northern France
6 March 2012

Heavy snowfall in northern France and Belgium has left tens of thousands of homes without power, and caused travel chaos for thousands of people.

Several thousand rail passengers remained stuck on trains late on Monday night.

In Lille, the regional airport was closed for several hours, and high speed trains experienced serious delays.

Trains into Paris from the north were disrupted after the weight of the snow brought down cables.

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Belgium in longest cold wave since 1941

Belgium in longest cold wave since 1941
February 11, 2012

Belgium is being confronted with the longest cold snap in more than 70 years, the Met Office reports. Saturday was the 13th consecutive day with maximum temperatures during the day staying below zero degrees Celsius (32 Fahrenheit) in Ukkel (Brussels). Sunday should add another day, but after that it’s the end of the blistering cold.

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