Record cold continues in Interior Alaska

Record cold continues in Interior Alaska
May 15, 2013

FAIRBANKS — More cold temperature records fell at several locations around the Interior on Tuesday morning, though not in Fairbanks, and more may fall today as the result of a cold air mass that is holding spring hostage in much of the state.

Eielson Air Force Base recorded a temperature of 22 degrees Tuesday morning, breaking the record of 26 set in 1954. The College Observatory at the University of Alaska Fairbanks had a low temperature of 21 degrees, which broke the old mark of 24 set in 1964.

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Brutal Bering Sea ice blocking Arctic supply ships

Brutal Bering Sea ice blocking Arctic supply ships
Jul 12, 2012

Brutal sea ice conditions that northwest Alaska battled all winter haven’t receded in parts of northern Canada. Two resupply ships are stuck waiting at the mouth of Frobisher Bay in Iqaluit because of tough ice conditions.

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Record Winter Snow in Anchorage

Record Winter Snow in Anchorage
April 9th, 2012

Anchorage, Alaska has broken a 57-year old record for the snowiest winter in history.

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Cold weather keeping Ice Alaska park open through April 1

Cold weather keeping Ice Alaska park open through April 1
Mar 23, 2012

FAIRBANKS — It’s a sign that spring is not quite here yet.

Thanks to what has been a much-colder-than-normal March, the Ice Alaska ice park at the end of Phillips Field Road will stay open until April 1, a week longer than was planned. The ice park was originally scheduled to close on Sunday.

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Ultra-harsh Alaska winter prompts fuel shortages…too cold for people to use their snowmobiles

The true face of “manmade global warming”?

Ultra-harsh Alaska winter prompts fuel shortages

“…temperatures dipping as low as minus 60 over the past few weeks…”
“…relentless extreme cold prevented fuel deliveries…”
“It’s been too cold for people to use their snowmobiles…”

More from our frozen state:

Alaska: Anchorage on track to set record for coldest January

Anchorage on track to set record for coldest January
28 January 2012

It has been so cold for so long in Anchorage that the chill has settled into the bones of daily life.

At Skinny Raven, $189 ankle-length down Skhoop ski skirts sell briskly. Plumbers who unfreeze pipes and thaw washing machines are too busy to talk.

Meteorologists agree: January is on track to be one of the most frigid months on record in Alaska history, according to the National Weather Service.

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Record Cold in Alaska

Record Cold in Alaska
September 29th, 2010

…Get a load of these low temperatures in September: -11°F near Beaver Village, -10° near Chalkyitsik. Chicken, Alaska was -5°. Bettles reached ZERO on Monday, tying the coldest temperature ever recorded there in September. Eielson AFB near Fairbanks was +3°, and that was the coldest temperature they have ever had in any September (the average low for Fairbanks now is 28°). Daily records were set at Eagle (0°), Gulkana (3°), King Salmon (17°) and Cold Bay (31°). …

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Record Cold Expected in Alaska

Record Cold Expected in Alaska
November 14, 2009

Record cold will grip interior Alaska this week. Low temperatures may dip as much as 50 degrees below zero.

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The coldest places in the world right now

The coldest places in the world right now (10 January 2009)

10 January 2009

H/T to Gore Lied

For the latest click on the Weather Extremes link below:

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Early snowfalls in Europe hit Historic Levels

Early snowfalls in Europe hit Historic Levels
December 7, 2008

  • 20 year record snowfall in Dolomites enough to last all season
  • Some Swiss train services cancelled due to excess snow
  • Still more heavy snow in the Pyrenees
  • More snow for Scotland

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