Freezing temperatures: Sea frozen as cold weather grips Britain

Freezing temperatures: Sea frozen as cold weather grips Britain
07 Jan 2009

The cold weather snap across Britain plunged to new temperature lows causing the sea to freeze in Dorset and bringing chaos to the roads.

The sub-zero temperatures have frozen the sea at Poole Harbour in Sandbanks, Dorset, with ice reaching 20 yards from the shoreline.

Southern England, normally immune to the worst of the weather, was gripped by conditions colder than parts of Iceland and Greenland overnight as temperatures fell close to -12 Celsius (10.4 Farenheit)

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2 Responses to “Freezing temperatures: Sea frozen as cold weather grips Britain”

  1. TGR Worzel

    Well. It is the second week of January, so I don’t expect much else. It is when I would expect to experience the coldest weather of the year. Perhaps we’ve been spoilt over the last couple of years, when temparatures in January haven’t been quite this low.

    The temperature in my back garden went down to -7.8 Celsius last night, which is as cold as it has ever been over the 15 years that I’ve been monitoring it, because of my greenhouse.

    So the exceptionally cold weather is unusual, but it isn’t actually any worse than I’ve seen here before. It has definitely been this cold before, but not very often. And its the right time of year for a cold snap. If it was April instead of January, it really would be something to talk about…

    Still. I accumulated plenty of extra body-fat over Christmas, so I reckon I will survive !


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