UK: Hot it was not… farewell to coldest August for 17 years

Hot it was not… farewell to coldest August for 17 years
1st September 2010

It should have been the height of summer, but was notable only for its low temperatures.

The UK has just endured its coldest August for 17 years, which was marked, say forecasters, by a complete absence of ‘hot days’.

The month also saw the lowest single-day August temperature for 23 years, with it falling to 55f (12.8c) in Edgbaston, Birmingham, last Thursday.

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Wales: Cold weather deaths could double, warn campaigners

Cold weather deaths could double, warn campaigners
February 10, 2009

THE number of people dying from effects of the cold in Wales could double this year, campaigners have warned.
During an average winter in Wales, around 1,500 more people die than in other seasons.

Age Concern Cymru is worried many vulnerable people are frightened to turn their heating to proper levels because of high energy bills.

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British pensioners receive warmth from Iceland

British pensioners receive warmth from Iceland
24 January 2009

Icelanders have donated an entire shipping container full of woolly jumpers, socks and blankets to British pensioners, as winter’s chill increases their chances of dying in under-heated homes.

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Snow and freezing weather threaten to shut down Britain

Snow and freezing weather threaten to shut down Britain
01 Feb 2009

Arctic blizzards are set to cause a national shutdown on Monday as forecasters warn of the most widespread snowfall for almost 20 years.

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Cold weather health warning

Cold weather health warning

A COLD weather health warning has been issued for the north west with temperatures as low as -8C (18F) on Saturday.

Heavy fog could make driving difficult and sleet and snow will fall on the Pennines and moors over the weekend.

The Met Office and Department of Health have warned of the devastating effects of such a cold spell – even for those who stay indoors. Elderly and vulnerable people could suffer heart attacks, strokes and pneumonia as a result of freezing conditions, they warned.

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