Perth max temps coldest in 11 years

Perth tastes the winter chill
July 31, 2009

Despite eastern parts of the country experiencing unusual heat for this time of year, Perth was unusually cool, shivering through its coldest July in five years, according to

Maximum temperatures across Perth have been below normal this month, averaging just 18 degrees, the coldest in 11 years. Minimums were also below average. The monthly average was just 7 degrees, the lowest in three years.

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Chicopee: Another record low

Another record low, but warmer weather ahead
July 14, 2009

We’ve been flirting with record lows for days now, and today we managed to break one. The unofficial low this morning was 49 at Westover ARB in Chicopee, breaking the previous record of 54 that had been set in 1990. It’s worthwhile to note that 54 was the highest record low on the books in July, but even still it’s been unusually cool.

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Connecticut: For July 10th, it’s c-c-c-cold

For July 10th, it’s c-c-c-cold

It’s an unusually cool morning, as temperatures are near record-breaking lows for today’s date, July 10.

At Sikorsky Memorial Airport, the early morning low was 55, just one degree above the record, set in 1983.

At Danbury Municipal Airport, the low was 50, three degrees above the record low for the date, set in 1953.