South Africa braces for cold, snow….in Spring!

SA braces for cold, snow
November 16, 2009

Johannesburg – Summer has not quite arrived yet.

The South African Weather Service (SAWS) said on Sunday another strong cold front, which would bring cold conditions and possible snow to the Drakensberg and Lesotho on Monday night, would cause temperatures in the interior of the country to drop from Tuesday.

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Rough winter weather at the beginning of summer surprises Cape Town

Winter weather surprises Cape

Cape Town – Capetonians were taken by surprise by unusually rough winter weather at the beginning of summer, as heavy rain, flooding, and stormy sea conditions lashed parts of the Western Cape over the weekend.

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New Zealand: Coldest October in over 25 years

Coldest October in over 25 years
Nov 02, 2009

New Zealanders have just shivered through the coldest October in more than 25 years – not long after they enjoyed the warmest August on record, says a climate analyst.

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Sydney’s Coldest October in 17 years

Sydney’s Coldest October in 17 years
October 31, 2009

…Based on maximum temperatures and averaging 21.4 degrees, we have now seen our coldest October in 17 years…

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All-time October low recorded in Bavaria

All-time October low recorded in Bavaria
20 Oct 09

Meteorologists on Tuesday morning recorded the lowest ever October temperature in Germany, as the mercury dipped to a chilly -24.3 degrees Celsius in Bavaria’s Berchtesgaden national park.

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Turkey Day was a record-breaking chiller

Holiday Monday was coldest on record
October 16th, 2009

Turkey Day was a record-breaking chiller, according to Environment Canada.

Meteorologist Doug Lundquist says last weekend’s cold temperatures, thanks to clear skies and a northerly flow from the Northwest Territories, were some of the coldest on record.

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USA chills: 1638 Lowest max temps and 742 low temps recorded for week ending 12 Oct 2009

USA chills: 1638 Lowest max temps and 742 Low temps recorded for week ending 12 Oct 2009

October 13, 2009


Saskatchewan: 2009 Coldest Year on Record?

2009 Coldest Year on Record?
August 19, 2009

Nine months in a row of below normal temperatures in Saskatchewan

2009 could very well be the coldest year on record for Saskatchewan.


Cool weather dampens U.S. June retail sales

Rain, cool weather dampen U.S. June retail sales
Jun 22, 2009

NEW YORK  – Rain and cooler-than-usual weather so far in June may have dampened demand for summer items such as sandals, swimwear and beer for retailers already hard put to counter sales declines during the recession.

The effect may be most pronounced in the U.S. Northeast, where June so far has been the coldest in 27 years and is on track to become one of the wettest Junes on record, according to weather research firm Planalytics, which has tracked such data since the 1930s.

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