The Met Office fries while the rest of the world freezes

The Met Office fries while the rest of the world freezes
08 Jan 2011

First it was a national joke. Then its professional failings became a national disaster. Now, the dishonesty of its attempts to fight off a barrage of criticism has become a real national scandal. I am talking yet again of that sad organisation the UK Met Office, as it now defends its bizarre record with claims as embarrassingly absurd as any which can ever have been made by highly-paid government officials.

Let us begin with last week’s astonishing claim that, far from failing to predict the coldest November and December since records began, the Met Office had secretly warned the Cabinet Office in October that Britain was facing an early and extremely cold winter. In what looked like a concerted effort at damage limitation, this was revealed by the BBC’s environmental correspondent, Roger Harrabin, a leading evangelist for man-made climate change. But the Met Office website – as reported by the blog Autonomous Mind – still contains a chart it published in October, predicting that UK temperatures between December and February would be up to 2C warmer than average.

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Chilliest winter in county for 27 years

Chilliest winter in county for 27 years
26th February 2009

Oxfordshire suffered its coldest temperature in 27 years, the Met Office revealed today.

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Hospitals on alert for chilly start to 2009

Hospitals on alert for chilly start to 2009
31 December 2008

HOSPITALS are on standby for a busy few days as the start of the new year brings plummeting temperatures.
Revellers planning a night out to see in the New Year this evening will have to contend with freezing temperatures as they make their way home in the early hours.
The Met Office has said the chilly conditions seen over the past few days are set to continue into the weekend, meaning a chilly start to 2009.

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