Tasmania: Winter off to (record) freezing start

Winter off to freezing start

July 04, 2012

TASMANIA shivered through a cold first month of winter, with lower-than-usual night-time temperatures recorded in the South and Liawenee posting its coldest June day in almost 30 years.

Temperatures in some areas fell to almost 10 degrees below average between June 20 and June 28.

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Australia: Record breaking March chill for Tasmania

Record breaking March chill for Tasmania

March 24, 2012

A vigorous cold front that blew through southeast Australia yesterday led to some of Tasmania’s coldest March temperatures in more than 50 years.

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Australia: Cold snap set to bring snow in Spring

Cold snap set to bring snow in Spring

October 05, 2009

VICTORIANS have been warned to brace for a springtime cold snap, with freak conditions to bring rain and snow.

The Bureau of Meteorology predicts temperatures will drop to the low teens tomorrow and Wednesday as a front blows in from southwestern Tasmania.

“We will have a couple of days where we will struggle to get above the low to mid teens and there will be snow down to 600 or 800 metres,” forecaster Peter Newham said.

He said heavy snow in early spring had been rare in the past 50 years.

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Tasmania as cold as ice: Temperatures plummet eight below average

Tasmania as cold as ice

July 8, 2009

Bitterly cold weather has been gripping Tasmania as temperatures plummet as much as eight below average.

Widespread frost has affected much of the state in the last few mornings and has been severe in central and eastern parts. Liawenee has had minimum temperatures of minus seven degrees in the last two days, six degrees below average.

Some valley locations, such as Bushy Park and Ouse, which dipped to minus four on Wednesday morning, failed to get within seven degrees of the average maximum. Bushy Park only reached three degrees and Ouse four. Fog and a lack of wind were the main culprits, hampering any warmth from the sun. For Bushy park this is likely to be its coldest day in more than two years and coldest July day in at least eight years.

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Tasmania: Record Low Temperatures

A cold end to April in Tasmania

30 April 2009

Record low April temperatures at some sites: The last two mornings have seen Flinders Island Airport drop below its previous April lowest temperature of 0.1 °C, reaching zero on Wednesday and down to -0.3 °C on Thursday morning. Several other sites (including Fingal, Geeveston and Dover) have also registered record low April temperatures. Meanwhile, Orford, Scottsdale and Tarraleah are among those to have had their coldest April days on record.

Near-record April low for Tasmania: The temperature at Liawenee, on the Central Plateau, dipped to -7.5 °C on Wednesday morning. This is the second-coldest April temperature ever recorded in Tasmania, just short of the -7.7 °C at the same site in 2001. It is still well short of the annual record of -13 °C recorded at Butlers Gorge, Shannon and Tarraleah in June 1983.

Three cold days in Hobart: The maximum temperature at the Bureau of Meteorology’s observing site in Battery Point, Hobart on Monday was 11.5, on Tuesday 11.3 and on Wednesday 11.1 °C. This is the first time since 1952 that Hobart has recorded three consecutive April days with the temperature below 12 °C, and it has only occurred on six previous occasions since measurements with standard instrumentation began in 1896.

Two cold mornings in Hobart: The temperature at Hobart dropped to 1.3 °C just after 6 am this morning. On Wednesday morning it dropped to 1.7 °C. This is the first time since 1953 that Hobart has had two consecutive April nights below 2 °C.

Four cold days in Launceston: The temperature in Launceston only reached 11.6 °C on Sunday, as cloud kept temperatures down in the north of the state. On Monday it reached 13.5, on Tuesday 13.0 and on Wednesday 14.4 °C. This is the first time since 1986 that Launceston has had four consecutive April days below 15 °C.

Three cold nights in Launceston: Launceston recorded minimum temperatures of -0.3, -0.5 and -0.6 °C over the last three mornings. A run of three April nights below zero has not been recorded since the current observing site was established in 1980.

Cold weather interstate: Victoria, New South Wales and the ACT have also been experiencing unseasonably cold weather, with similar long runs of cold days and very low temperatures at some sites. Temperatures recorded on Wednesday morning at the alpine sites of Victoria’s Mount Hotham (-8.2 °C) and NSW’s Charlotte Pass (-13.0 °C) are both new record April lows for those states.

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New Australian record: Minus 13 degrees – the coldest it’s ever been in April!

Minus 13 degrees – the coldest it’s been in April

April 29, 2009

A new Australian record was set early this morning, a temperature of minus 13 degrees, at Charlotte Pass on the Snowy Mountains.

A few other locations set April low temperature records also. In Tasmania Lake Leake was as cold as minus six, Sheffield and Dover both reached minus one and Flinders island got to zero. Hobart had its coldest April night in 46 years, recording a low of 1.7 degrees, seven below average.

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A chilly New Year for Tassy

A chilly New Year for Tassy

December 26

All those heading down to Tasmania for their new year’s holidays can expect a gusty and chilly welcome with a series of unseasonable strong cold fronts pass through over the next week or so.

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