Scots face weather woe as ski fans get snow bonus

Scots face weather woe as ski fans get snow bonus
05th May 2012

SCOTLAND will be colder than the ARCTIC this weekend — as a Bank Holiday big freeze bites.

Seaside resorts warned of multi-million pound losses across Britain as temperatures plunge to -5°C (23°F).

But thousands of skiers are set for a bumper out-of-season boost at Cairngorm and Glencoe, in Inverness-shire.

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Huge Snowfall for Ski Areas Across USA

Huge Snowfall for Ski Areas Across USA
7 March 2012

The past week has been the snowiest of winter 2011-12 across the USA with resort’s from Alaska to New Hampshire reporting huge snowfalls – most several feet, the biggest as much as 171cm (a few inches short of six feet) at Alyeska in Alaska.

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Western Canada Looks Set For Record Snowfall Season

Western Canada Looks Set For Record Snowfall Season
February 12, 2012

As parts of North America still battle for good snow cover, some resorts in Alberta and BC look set to break records for snowfall tallys by the end of their long season in May.

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Epic Snowfalls In The Alps

Epic Snowfalls In The Alps
January 18, 2012

It’s now a month since snowfall began in the Alps and it has hardly let up since, with the biggest accumulations over that period now approaching 6 metres (20 feet) and reports from some resorts that this is the snowiest January in 30 or even 60 years.

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Alberta hit by record lows as arctic air moves east

Alberta hit by record lows as arctic air moves east
Jan 18, 2012

Cold, blustery weather is blowing into much of Ontario and Quebec, leaving behind frigid temperatures that have shattered records across Alberta.

On Wednesday, dozens of communities across the province were hit with temperatures below –30 C, and 13 of them were hit with record lows. In the town of Hendrickson Creek, Alta., it was a bone-chilling –41.4.

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Australia: Ski season shaping up to be best in decades

Ski season ‘shaping up to be best in decades’
July 08, 2011 9:25AM

IT’S all white for this year’s ski season, with fresh snow falls breaking records and reaching depths of up to 1.6m at some resorts.

The resorts are experiencing the deepest snow in the first week of July since 1990, with 158.9cm recorded at Thredbo and 13 of its 14 lifts in operation.

Perisher has had one of the best starts to a ski season in nearly 20 years, with 62cm of fresh snow recorded in the past few days and the snow depth also reaching 158.9cm yesterday.

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Heavy snows spoil weekend holiday plans in West

Heavy snows spoil weekend holiday plans in West
28 May 2011

DENVER  — Ski resorts are bustling with activity. A key highway into Yellowstone is closed because parts of the road have seen more than 25 feet of snow. And campgrounds are feverishly removing snow from campsites to clear the way for visitors.

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More US Resorts Set All Time Snowfall Records

More US Resorts Set All Time Snowfall Records

The season is now over at most US resorts but for several famous name areas it has been a record-breaking winter for snowfall, and those that are still open are racking up fresh snowfall even now.

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Australia: Snow arrives two months early

Snow arrives two months early
12 Apr, 2011

…”Early snow is always exciting to see and it gets everyone into thinking about the season ahead,” said Laurie Blampied, general manager of Buller Ski Lifts.

He said that although snow was not unusual for April, 10 centimetres was a “significant amount for this time of year”.

“It’s still two months until the official opening of the snow season but we love to see the temperatures dropping and snow coming to the mountain.”…

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More Heavy Snow In The Alps – extreme winter weathers has led to temporary closures of some areas

More Heavy Snow In The Alps

There have been heavy snowfalls in the Alps over the past few days with accumulations of up to 60cm (two feet) reported.

Around 18 glacier ski areas are currently open to enjoy it all in the four main Alpine nations, although the extreme winter weathers has led to temporary closures of some areas so it is of course important to check ahead before you arrive.

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