Sweden, Finland in grip of lingering ice on the Baltic Sea; 5 icebreakers deployed

Sweden, Finland in grip of lingering ice on the Baltic Sea; 5 icebreakers deployed

April 5, 2013

Never before has so much ice built up so late in the year on the Baltic Sea and in Gulf of Bothnia between Sweden and Finland — and records have been kept for 50 years, according to Swedish news agency TT.

“We have never seen anything like this,” says icebreaking manager Ulf Gulldne, to the Swedish newspaper Örnsköldsviks Allehanda. A stubborn area of high pressure camped over Scandinavia has contributed to freezing temperatures late in the winter and to the new record.

On March 29, some 176,000 square kilometers of the Baltic were covered by ice. The previous record came in 2008, when just 49,000 square kilometers of sea ice were recorded as late as March 25.

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March 2013 was one of Northern Ireland’s coldest

March 2013 was one of Northern Ireland’s coldest

3 April 2013

March 2013 was the joint second coldest in Northern Ireland since records began, alongside 1919, 1937 and 1962.

According to figures from the Met Office the mean temperature for the month was a cold 2.8C.

March was also colder than any of the preceding winter months of December, January and February.

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Germany Faces Coldest March Since 1883

Germany Faces Coldest March Since 1883

March 28, 2013

Complaining about the weather has reached epidemic proportions in northern Germany this “spring.” And with good reason. With Easter just around the corner, meteorologists are telling us this could end up being the coldest March in Berlin and its surroundings since records began in the 1880s.

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Britain braced for snow drifts in coldest March weekend for 50 years

Britain braced for snow drifts in coldest March weekend for 50 years

22 Mar 2013

Britain is braced for blizzards, gales, snow drifts and floods ahead of one of the coldest March weekends in 50 years.

Thousands of gritters and snow ploughs are moving in to keep roads clear while airports in the worst- affected areas have snow-clearing teams on standby.

Heavy rain lashed the south-west last night as the Met Office issued an amber alert, warning of flooding and travel disruption.

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Record snow leaves many in dark, and with plenty of spoiled food

Wet snow leaves many in dark, and with plenty of spoiled food

March 15, 2013

While last week’s record snowfall may have melted, with power restored to most, downed trees removed and things getting back to normal, some families in Greene and other affected areas are facing a new emergency.

Power failures created by last Wednesday’s storm mean that many people are dumping spoiled food from refrigerators and freezers.

For some the loss may be even greater. Since the preceding weekend was the beginning of the month, some families have lost a great deal of food supplies for the month. Even with insurance, spending money to replace this food may mean not spending money needed for medication, utilities and rent.

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UK retailers suffer snow-blighted January

UK retailers suffer snow-blighted January

18 February 2013

Worst January performance for the retail sector for three years as out-of-town retail parks and shopping centres hit hardest by the snowy conditions.

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Toronto air travellers face new delays on cold day

Toronto air travellers face new delays on cold day

Feb 17, 2013

The temperature is due to rise in Toronto after a snowy blast from Mother Nature on the weekend, but air travellers faced more delays at Pearson airport on Sunday due to weather issues elsewhere and an existing backlog of flights.

More than 100 flights for travellers heading to and from the eastern U.S., Quebec and other destinations were either delayed or cancelled because of a storm hitting south of the border. A similar number of cancellations had resulted at Pearson the day before because of snowfall on Saturday night.

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Blizzard brings US northeast to a halt

Blizzard brings US northeast to a halt

February 10, 2013

A FEROCIOUS snowstorm hit the northeastern United States for a second successive day, killing at least two people, bringing transportation to a halt.

The storm dumped more than a foot and a half (about 46 centimeters) of snow on New York state and Connecticut, severing power and transport links for tens of millions of people.

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Lapland experiences record freeze

Lapland experiences record freeze

28 January 2013

Record low temperatures have been recorded in Finnish Lapland, with the mercury plummeting to -36.1 degrees Celsius overnight. The Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI) registered the new low at Kevojärvi in Utsjoki

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Wild winter in Arctic Britain as our four-legged and feathered friends make the most of the snow

Wild winter in Arctic Britain as our four-legged and feathered friends make the most of the snow

24 Jan 2013

It’s not just people who are hit by the big freeze.

The severe weather has brought a wild winter for everyone.

Animals have to cope with it too and – just like us – some of them love romping around in the white stuff while others find it more of a challenge.

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