Malta: Third coldest February since 1923

Third coldest February since 1923 with more than twice the average rainfall
02 March 2012

It was wetter and colder in February, less windy and the sun shone brighter during the month, if you did not know. And for the hardy, the sea was less cold.

A total of 132.6 mm of rain fell in February at Malta Airport, and that is more than twice the climate norm of 61.3mm for this month, the Met Office said. The rainiest day was the 21st of the month, with 24.2mm. The highest rainfall amount for February since 1947 was 187.9mm in 1965.

February was also colder than the climate norm. The mean temperature for February was 10.2oC, which is 2.2oC lower than the norm of 12.4oC. This was the third coldest February since 1923.

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Another Global Record Cold Day

Another Record Cold Day
February 24, 2012

2012 is blowing away the record books for cold global temperatures. Not a peep out of hockey team about this of course, because they aren’t even remotely interested in the facts.

ScreenHunter 16 Feb. 23 19.11 Another Record Cold Day


Florida Freeze Snaps Weather Records

Florida Freeze Snaps Weather Records
February 13, 2012

The Sunshine State was shivering cold over the weekend, with temperatures falling far below freezing during the state’s first blast of winter.

The winter has been wimpy for most of the continental United States until recently. But a strong cold front moved through Florida this past Friday (Feb. 11) and snapped the state back into the reality of winter. The cold plunge turned Florida frigid, and a few weather records fell with the temperatures. Freeze warnings were issued, snow birds complained, and people across the state (gasp!) put on jackets.

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