Alice Springs has coldest May day on record

Red Centre shivers in record cold
June 1, 2009

Alice Springs has had its coldest May day on record, with the temperature reaching just 9.6 degrees Celsius on Saturday.

After a balmy 29.6 degrees Celsius the previous Sunday, winter came two days early to the Red Centre.

Jenny Farlow from the weather bureau says Saturday was the coldest May day ever recorded in Alice Springs.

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Australian Outback – coldest May day in 24 years

Cold spells grips outback
May 29, 2009

Parts of outback Australia are shivering through a severe cold spell with daytime temperatures barely reaching 10 degrees on Friday for the second day in a row.

Ernabella in northern SA reached a high of just 10 degrees on Thursday, their coldest day in two years and coldest May day in over 10 years. Tourists visiting Ulura may have been ill prepared for a high of just 13 degrees, the Rock’s coldest day in two years and coldest May day in 24 years.

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