Friday’s Spring Snow Breaks Old Record in Mpls

Friday’s Spring Snow Breaks Old Record in Mpls
3 May 2013

Parts of the East Metro and southern Minnesota were hit with snow Friday, breaking a past record.

The 0.5 inch of snow that fell in Minneapolis was an official record. It broke the old record of 0.2 inches set back in 1954.

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TWIN CITIES: First Two Weeks of October Have Been Coldest Ever

Chill Down: It’s A Record
16 Oct 2009

TWIN CITIES, Minn – It isn’t your imagination. It’s been one cold month so far.

The National Weather Service Friday said that the first two weeks of October were the coldest on record in the Twin Cities. Ever.


Harsh winter leads to fish kills in Minneapolis

Harsh winter leads to fish kills in Minneapolis
April 4, 2009

MINNEAPOLIS Spring walks around some Minneapolis lakes might come with a whiff of fish because those lakes are experiencing a fish kill after a harsh winter.


Bismarck Blasts to Unclog Ice-Jammed River

Bismarck Blasts to Unclog Ice-Jammed River
March 26, 2009

Near Bismarck, officials are trying to determine whether a third controlled explosion on the Missouri River is needed to break up a dangerous ice jam.

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Frigid weather extends its reach over U.S.

Frigid weather extends its reach over U.S.
January 16, 2009

“Cold enough for you?” was no longer a funny smart-aleck question to ask many Americans on Friday.

A bank’s sign in Plainville, Massachusetts, displays the temperature there on Friday.

There was little humor to be found in the rawest weather for years in many parts of the nation.

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Blistering cold temperatures hit Midwest

Blistering cold temperatures hit Midwest
January 13, 2009

Blistering temperatures and winds battered parts of the upper Midwest on Tuesday, delivering to some states the coldest weather in decades.

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