Summer’s cold shoulder

Summer’s cold shoulder
Sept. 1, 2009

…Madison shivered through its coldest July on record, Miller Park’s roof has been closed 34 times, the high temperature in Milwaukee on July 1 reached only 64 degrees, and it was eerily quiet at the National Weather Service office in Green Bay…

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MILWAUKEE: July Opens with Near-Record Cold

July Opens with Near-Record Cold
3 July 2009

MILWAUKEE – July, like March, has come in like a lion. Today’s high temperature was 63 degrees, missing by a single degree the all-time record for coldest high on July 1st.

“The record low high temperature is 62 degrees, set in 1986 and 1876,” said Storm Team 4caster Brian Gotter. “We got about as close as we could, but there will be no white-out taken to the record books today.”

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Frigid weather extends its reach over U.S.

Frigid weather extends its reach over U.S.
January 16, 2009

“Cold enough for you?” was no longer a funny smart-aleck question to ask many Americans on Friday.

A bank’s sign in Plainville, Massachusetts, displays the temperature there on Friday.

There was little humor to be found in the rawest weather for years in many parts of the nation.

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