Mexico: 70% drop in citrus production due to frost

Mexico: 70% drop in citrus production

“70% of the lime cultivation and 50% of oranges were lost, due to frosts registered in the last part of 2011 and later due to rain that caused the majority of fruits to fall from trees before they were ripe”.

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44 Die from Causes Linked to Mexico’s Cold Winter

44 Die from Causes Linked to Mexico’s Cold Winter
February 19, 2012

MEXICO – The current winter season has left 44 people dead in Mexico from causes linked to the low temperatures such as hypothermia, carbon monoxide poisoning and burns, the Health Secretariat said Saturday.

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Mexico’s worst freeze in 50 years affects consumers, businesses as produce prices increase

Produce prices increase: Mexico freeze affects consumers, businesses
Mar. 9, 2011

Lettuce, tomatoes and green peppers sold in local markets and restaurants have been in short supply and of lower quality in recent weeks because of a freeze that devastated growing fields in Mexico last month.


Mexico’s freeze not over yet

Mexico’s freeze not over yet
March 1st, 2011

Mexico’s has recorded its 32nd cold front and fourth winter storm this season, hitting the country’s northeast with strong rains and winds over the weekend, reported

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Cancun: Record cold Global-Warming summit

Irony alert: The unusually chilly global-warming summit
December 9, 2010

Cancun is hosting the U.N. conference on man-made climate change — amid record cold temperatures

Best Opinion: Wall St. Pit, Independent

The irony: As negotiators from nearly 200 countries met in Cancun to strategize ways to keep the planet from getting hotter, the temperature in the seaside Mexican city plunged to a 100-year record low of 54° F. Climate-change skeptics are gleefully calling Cancun’s weather the latest example of the “Gore Effect” — a plunge in temperature they say occurs wherever former Vice President Al Gore, now a Nobel Prize-winning environmental activist, makes a speech about the climate. Although Gore is not scheduled to speak in Cancun, “it could be that the Gore Effect has announced his secret arrival,” jokes former NASA scientist Roy W. Spencer.

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