Unusual Cold Threatens Russian Fruit Crop

Unusual Cold Threatens Russian Fruit Crop

February 12, 2012

Russian agricultural officials say the abnormally cold temperatures are certain to have an adverse effect on this year’s harvest.

In Saratov Kray, where temperatures have dropped to as low as -35 Celsius, First Deputy Minister of Agriculture Anatoly Kutsenko said only about half of the country’s grapevines are sheltered by protective earthen barriers.

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Scores of ships confined to port – Ice shuts Danube in half-a-dozen countries

Scores of ships confined to port – Ice shuts Danube in half-a-dozen countries

February 12, 2012

BELGRADE: Thick ice has closed hundreds of kilometres (miles) of the Danube river in half-a-dozen countries and confined scores of ships to port on the busiest European waterway, officials said yesterday. The 2,860-kilometre (1,780-mile) river, which flows through nine countries and is vital for transport, power, irrigation, industry and fishing, was wholly or partially blocked from Austria to its mouth on the Black Sea.

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Venice’s famous waterways ice over

Big freeze in Europe shows no signs of letting up as Venice’s famous waterways ice over

February 7, 2012

The big freeze shows no sign of letting up in Europe as Venice’s famed waterways fell victim to sub zero temperatures this morning.

Water buses were stranded in some of the Italian city’s canals after they froze solid in temperatures as low as -10C.

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Record Low Temperatures in North China

Record Low Temperatures in North China

February 6, 2012

Over the weekend, the lowest temperatures in decades have hit areas of northern China, as the cold wave continues. Some places were as cold as minus 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Must see picture: Big Chill in Switzerland

Big Chill

February 6, 2012

A woman walks along a frozen waterside promenade on Feb. 6, 2012 in Versoix, Switzerland, along the shore of Lake Geneva. It’s just one of many wintry scenes taking place across Europe as an intense cold spell continues, now having claimed nearly 300 lives. And the chilly weather looks set to continue: Temperatures are expected to remain well below zero in the coming days with more snow on the way.


Switzerland: lowest February temperatures for 30 years

Freezing temperatures disrupt transport

February 4, 2012

Temperatures dipped to below -20 in several locations in Switzerland on the night of Friday to Saturday, the coldest of the winter so far.

A number of locations in the north-east recorded their lowest February temperatures for 30 years.

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Subfreezing weather batters Europe, causing deaths and travel havoc

Subfreezing weather batters Europe, causing deaths and travel havoc

December 20, 2009

WARSAW, Poland – Snowstorms and subfreezing temperatures have battered Europe, killing 29 people in Poland alone and wreaking havoc on air, train and car travellers from the Nordics to Italy on the last weekend before Christmas.


Australia: Cold weather smashes records

Cold weather smashes records

June 11, 2009

A bumper start to the ski season, Canberra frozen, snow over the Melbourne hills, widespread severe frost and records are falling.

The cold snap is abating slowly, but not before a final icy sting that has seen records fall across the southeast in the last 24 hours. Frost under clear skies last night was severe in much of the inland, notably Canberra’s -5.8 degrees this morning, their coldest for June in nine years.

Yesterday, Thredbo reached a high of -6.4 degrees, the coldest maximum recorded in New South Wales for 31 years. Last night, Cabramurra’s minimum fell to a 12 year low of -6.8 degrees. Coastal locations also felt the cold with Montague Island’s mercury levelling out at three degrees last night, their coldest June night in 37 years.

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Lake Superior is freezing over

Lake Superior is freezing over


Lake Superior last froze over in 2003. It has now, again, frozen over. The frequency of freeze overs has historically been around once every 20 years. Now, in the last decade, we have seen two freeze overs.

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Dutch canals freeze for the first time in twelve years

Dutch canals freeze for the first time in twelve years


Canal ice skating is part of the Dutch national identity, but according to the International Herald Tribune, climate change and pollution have turned Holland’s annual canal-freeze into a rarity. Holland’s canals have frozen for the first time in twelve years this month, thrilling the citizens of the land of Hans Brinker:

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