Record-low temperatures cause sauerkraut disaster in Germany

Record-low temperatures cause sauerkraut disaster in Germany
February 22, 2012

The cold is doing more than snapping temperature records—it’s also playing havoc with daily life. Last week, drivers on the autobahn near Frankfurt were stuck in a 10-km long traffic jam when a truck carrying sauerkraut spilled its load after being involved in a multi-vehicle accident. The pickled cabbage froze instantly and formed such a bond with the highway surface that it took four hours for emergency workers to scrape away the mess.

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Venice’s famous waterways ice over

Big freeze in Europe shows no signs of letting up as Venice’s famous waterways ice over
February 7, 2012

The big freeze shows no sign of letting up in Europe as Venice’s famed waterways fell victim to sub zero temperatures this morning.

Water buses were stranded in some of the Italian city’s canals after they froze solid in temperatures as low as -10C.

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Record Low Temperatures in North China

Record Low Temperatures in North China
February 6, 2012

Over the weekend, the lowest temperatures in decades have hit areas of northern China, as the cold wave continues. Some places were as cold as minus 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Switzerland: lowest February temperatures for 30 years

Freezing temperatures disrupt transport
February 4, 2012

Temperatures dipped to below -20 in several locations in Switzerland on the night of Friday to Saturday, the coldest of the winter so far.

A number of locations in the north-east recorded their lowest February temperatures for 30 years.

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