Snow brings chaos to Belgium and northern France

Snow brings chaos to Belgium and northern France
6 March 2012

Heavy snowfall in northern France and Belgium has left tens of thousands of homes without power, and caused travel chaos for thousands of people.

Several thousand rail passengers remained stuck on trains late on Monday night.

In Lille, the regional airport was closed for several hours, and high speed trains experienced serious delays.

Trains into Paris from the north were disrupted after the weight of the snow brought down cables.

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Snowbound in. . . Africa?

Snowbound in. . . Africa?
Feb 22, 2012

The severe winter cold and snow that killed hundreds of people while disrupting the lives of millions in Europe over three weeks also left a heavy mark on residents of neighboring northern Africa.

Hardest hit in Africa was the eastern Atlas Mountain region of northeastern Algeria into northwestern Tunisia, where snow has piled up by the foot, multiple news outlets have said.

Deep snow reportedly isolated villages, forcing authorities to airdrop supplies to the snowbound residents.

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Cozy Up to Your Valentine as Arctic Air Plunges into the US

Cozy Up to Your Valentine as Arctic Air Plunges into the US
February 12, 2012

This Valentine’s Day weekend will be a great one to stay indoors and cuddle with your Valentine by a fireplace as arctic air plunges into the eastern two-thirds of the nation.

An arctic cold front will push southward across the central and eastern part of the country Saturday into Sunday, ushering notably colder air all the way to the Gulf Coast and central Florida.

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