France’s Wheat Area to Slump to Nine-Year Low on Winter Kill

France’s Wheat Area to Slump to Nine-Year Low on Winter Kill
Apr 7, 2012

France’s soft-wheat growing area may fall to the lowest in nine years after freezing temperatures destroyed fields in the European Union’s largest grower of the grain, the government’s crop office reported.

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Ukraine: Frost has disastrous consequences for orchards

Ukraine: Frost has disastrous consequences for orchards

The severe frost, which controlled the weather in a large part of Ukraine from the middle of January till the end of February has had extremely damaging results for the orchards in Southern and Eastern Ukraine.

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Chaos at Catalunya: Snow curtails stage three

Snow curtails stage three
21st March 2012

Inclement weather conditions played havoc in Spain as stage three at the Volta a Catalunya was shortened due to snow.
The race’s queen stage set out despite the risk of wintery conditions but it soon became apparent that the final climb up to Port-Aine would be impassable due to a thick layer of snow.

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Chaos at Catalunya: Nearly 40 abandon, but officials might let them start Thursday
21 March 2012

Nearly 40 riders abandoned the Volta Ciclista a Catalunya in apocalyptic race conditions during Wednesday’s weather-reduced third stage.
Rain, snow, ice and wind forced race organizers to reduce the 210km queen stage by 50km, eliminating the final two climbs, including the hors categorie summit finale that was covered in an ever-thickening blanket of snow.

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Snow arrives with the Spring in Spain

Snow arrives with the Spring in Spain
Mar 19, 2012

Spring arrives at 6.41am on Tuesday with 21 Spanish provinces on alert for cold, wind, and snow. Several provinces of Andalucía, Castilla-La Mancha, Valencia and Aragón are on alert for snow.

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Snow brings chaos to Belgium and northern France

Snow brings chaos to Belgium and northern France
6 March 2012

Heavy snowfall in northern France and Belgium has left tens of thousands of homes without power, and caused travel chaos for thousands of people.

Several thousand rail passengers remained stuck on trains late on Monday night.

In Lille, the regional airport was closed for several hours, and high speed trains experienced serious delays.

Trains into Paris from the north were disrupted after the weight of the snow brought down cables.

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Malta: Third coldest February since 1923

Third coldest February since 1923 with more than twice the average rainfall
02 March 2012

It was wetter and colder in February, less windy and the sun shone brighter during the month, if you did not know. And for the hardy, the sea was less cold.

A total of 132.6 mm of rain fell in February at Malta Airport, and that is more than twice the climate norm of 61.3mm for this month, the Met Office said. The rainiest day was the 21st of the month, with 24.2mm. The highest rainfall amount for February since 1947 was 187.9mm in 1965.

February was also colder than the climate norm. The mean temperature for February was 10.2oC, which is 2.2oC lower than the norm of 12.4oC. This was the third coldest February since 1923.

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European cold snap freezes hotel prices

European cold snap freezes hotel prices
24 February, 2012

The cold wave that has frozen Europe since the end of January also seems to have chilled travelers’ enthusiasm. Many hotels have slashed their prices to a record minimum to attract tourists.

­A whole host of popular destinations in Europe including Prague, Budapest, Oslo and Copenhagen are seeing a price drop in February compared to January, according to the Hotel Price Index prepared by Trivago tourist web-portal.

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Record-low temperatures cause sauerkraut disaster in Germany

Record-low temperatures cause sauerkraut disaster in Germany
February 22, 2012

The cold is doing more than snapping temperature records—it’s also playing havoc with daily life. Last week, drivers on the autobahn near Frankfurt were stuck in a 10-km long traffic jam when a truck carrying sauerkraut spilled its load after being involved in a multi-vehicle accident. The pickled cabbage froze instantly and formed such a bond with the highway surface that it took four hours for emergency workers to scrape away the mess.

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Unusual Cold Threatens Russian Fruit Crop

Unusual Cold Threatens Russian Fruit Crop
February 12, 2012

Russian agricultural officials say the abnormally cold temperatures are certain to have an adverse effect on this year’s harvest.

In Saratov Kray, where temperatures have dropped to as low as -35 Celsius, First Deputy Minister of Agriculture Anatoly Kutsenko said only about half of the country’s grapevines are sheltered by protective earthen barriers.

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Cold Weather in Turkey Raises Electricity Prices to Record High

Cold Weather in Turkey Raises Electricity Prices to Record High
February 15, 2012

ISTANBUL, TURKEY–February 15, 2012–Researched by Industrial Info Re-sources (Sugar Land, Texas)–Turkish consumers could see their electricity bills swell in the coming month as an ongoing cold spell, accompanied by heavy snowfall, takes a toll on the country’s natural gas supply, a key resource for electricity production.

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