Scores of ships confined to port – Ice shuts Danube in half-a-dozen countries

Scores of ships confined to port – Ice shuts Danube in half-a-dozen countries
February 12, 2012

BELGRADE: Thick ice has closed hundreds of kilometres (miles) of the Danube river in half-a-dozen countries and confined scores of ships to port on the busiest European waterway, officials said yesterday. The 2,860-kilometre (1,780-mile) river, which flows through nine countries and is vital for transport, power, irrigation, industry and fishing, was wholly or partially blocked from Austria to its mouth on the Black Sea.

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Turkey: Quake survivors suffer in Europe’s freeze

Quake survivors suffer in Europe’s snow, cold
February 11, 2012

ANKARA, Turkey — Freezing temperatures and heavy snow in Turkey are making life miserable for the more than 140,000 residents who were left homeless by the nation’s devastating earthquake four months ago and are still living in tents or temporary shelters.

The cold snap, which began in Europe in late January, has left some families in Turkey’s quake relief centres trying to stay warm by using coal stoves or electric heaters as their drinking water freezes overnight. Nearly 30 centimetres of snow have fallen in the quake zone, and temperatures have dipped as low as -20 C.

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