Brutal Bering Sea ice blocking Arctic supply ships

Brutal Bering Sea ice blocking Arctic supply ships
Jul 12, 2012

Brutal sea ice conditions that northwest Alaska battled all winter haven’t receded in parts of northern Canada. Two resupply ships are stuck waiting at the mouth of Frobisher Bay in Iqaluit because of tough ice conditions.

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Cold snap chills summer in Lapland

Cold snap chills summer in Lapland
29 June 2012

Lapland has been blanketed in snow over the past couple of days, as a low pressure zone dumped sleet and snow in the north.

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Orlando, Daytona Beach reach record-low temperatures

Orlando, Daytona Beach reach record-low temperatures
June 28, 2012

Record low temperatures were shattered in Orlando and Daytona Beach overnight after a cool front moved through the area.

According to the National Weather Service in Melbourne the temperature dipped to 64 degrees at Orlando International Airport, shattering the previous record of 66 set in 1920.

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Germany: Coldest Start to June in 20 Years

Sunday in NL as cold as Christmas Day

Sunday in NL as cold as Christmas Day
4 June 2012

With a maximum temperature of 11 degrees Celsius, Sunday was the Netherlands’ coldest summer’s day since 1975. Meteorological service Meteo Consult reports that it was just as ‘warm’ on Christmas Day.

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Stockholm sees coldest June day in 84 years

Stockholm sees coldest June day in 84 years
3 Jun 12

Stockholm broke an 84-year-old cold record on Saturday, as the capital’s temperature only reached 6 degrees Celsius, the lowest June maximum daily temperature the city has seen since 1928

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Australia: Record cold weather and floods leave a summer daze

Cold weather and floods leave a summer daze
12 March 2012

THE inner west has shivered through its coldest summer for 52 years. The overall average temperature for the region was 20.8C – 1.5C below the long-term average of 22.3C.

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Adelaide, South Australia, longest February cold spell since 1977

Adelaide summer warmth set to return
February 11, 2012

Adelaide has remained at least seven degrees cooler than average for the past six day’s, which is a February feat not seen before since at least 1977.

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Has New Zealand been cheated out of a summer?

Weather Watch: Time’s running short for any real summer
February 12, 2012

Have we been cheated out of a summer? It’s certainly looking that way.

A year ago Timaru took the national high with a 42C peak at the start of February. This weekend they are heading for highs of around 15C.

Last year the North Island’s eastern areas were climbing to the mid 30s … but this week reaching the low 20s has been an achievement.

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Sydney finally cracks 30 degrees!

Sydney finally cracks 30 degrees
January 30, 2012

Sydney has just ended its longest summer spell below 30 degrees in 15 years, reports.

After a 60-day break, Sydney has finally reached 30 degrees, ending the longest summer run below 30 since 1996/97. In that summer there were 61 consecutive days below 30 degrees.

The record number of consecutive summer days below 30 degrees is 90, set in 1952/53. During that summer, not one day reached 30 degrees.

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