At 8.8C, Thursday was third coldest day ever in Mumbai

At 8.8C, Thursday was third coldest day ever in Mumbai
February 10, 2012

MUMBAI: Wednesday was one of those rare nights when all fans had to be switched off and people living on the streets gathered around small fires. Thursday’s minimum temperature – recorded in the early hours – was Mumbai’s third coldest day ever and second coldest day in the last 50 years.

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Alaska: Anchorage on track to set record for coldest January

Anchorage on track to set record for coldest January
28 January 2012

It has been so cold for so long in Anchorage that the chill has settled into the bones of daily life.

At Skinny Raven, $189 ankle-length down Skhoop ski skirts sell briskly. Plumbers who unfreeze pipes and thaw washing machines are too busy to talk.

Meteorologists agree: January is on track to be one of the most frigid months on record in Alaska history, according to the National Weather Service.

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Record cold shudders through Western Australia

Cold shudders through WA
May 22, 2009

The recent wild weather over Western Australia has brought some record breaking temperatures, with the effects being felt right across the state.

Albany Airport, after recording 23 degrees yesterday only managed 11 degrees today, making it the coldest May day since 1976. Pemberton reached 10 degrees today, half of yesterday’s maximum and the coldest May day since 1957. The cold has shocked WA to its bones as places as far afield as the Gascoyne felt the chill.

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