Britain braced for snow drifts in coldest March weekend for 50 years

Britain braced for snow drifts in coldest March weekend for 50 years
22 Mar 2013

Britain is braced for blizzards, gales, snow drifts and floods ahead of one of the coldest March weekends in 50 years.

Thousands of gritters and snow ploughs are moving in to keep roads clear while airports in the worst- affected areas have snow-clearing teams on standby.

Heavy rain lashed the south-west last night as the Met Office issued an amber alert, warning of flooding and travel disruption.

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UK retailers suffer snow-blighted January

UK retailers suffer snow-blighted January
18 February 2013

Worst January performance for the retail sector for three years as out-of-town retail parks and shopping centres hit hardest by the snowy conditions.

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Toronto air travellers face new delays on cold day

Toronto air travellers face new delays on cold day
Feb 17, 2013

The temperature is due to rise in Toronto after a snowy blast from Mother Nature on the weekend, but air travellers faced more delays at Pearson airport on Sunday due to weather issues elsewhere and an existing backlog of flights.

More than 100 flights for travellers heading to and from the eastern U.S., Quebec and other destinations were either delayed or cancelled because of a storm hitting south of the border. A similar number of cancellations had resulted at Pearson the day before because of snowfall on Saturday night.

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Blizzard brings US northeast to a halt

Blizzard brings US northeast to a halt
February 10, 2013

A FEROCIOUS snowstorm hit the northeastern United States for a second successive day, killing at least two people, bringing transportation to a halt.

The storm dumped more than a foot and a half (about 46 centimeters) of snow on New York state and Connecticut, severing power and transport links for tens of millions of people.

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April snowstorm hits Moscow

April snowstorm hits Moscow
April 05, 2012

…The snowstorm comes as a major test of patience for Muscovites who have endured an unusually cold and long winter lasting five months. Russians consider that spring begins on March 1…

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UK: Snow And Gales Cause Power Cuts And Gridlock

Snow And Gales Cause Power Cuts And Gridlock
April 04, 2012

Tens of thousands of homes have been left without power and thousands of drivers experienced long delays as snow, ice and strong winds hit the North East.

The wintry weather has brought down hundreds of power cables across northern England since the bad weather arrived on Tuesday afternoon, affecting around 90,000 homes.

Between six and eight inches of snow fell in high parts of the Peak District, Pennines and Cumbria overnight, as blizzard conditions spread south from Scotland.

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Snow Is Moving South After Hitting Scotland
April 03, 2012

Snow is predicted to fall in northern England and Ireland and possibly in the Midlands and Wales, after around eight inches (19cm) came down across parts of Scotland.

Temperatures are set to plummet to as low as -5C tonight north of the border, as the big chill moves south, following one of the warmest-ever Marchs.

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Snowmageddon: how America is battling a real cold war

Snowmageddon: how America is battling a real cold war
February 8, 2010

The biggest winter snow storm since the 1920s paralysed several eastern US states at the weekend, closing airports and stopping traffic and leaving more than 200,000 households and businesses without power.

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Record low blows into Siouxland

Record low blows into Siouxland
January 2, 2010

As if the snow piled up from two blizzards in a month wasn’t enough, now Siouxlanders are likely waking up to record-breaking cold.

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Record snow continues to fall as deadly East Coast storm lingers

Record snow continues to fall as deadly East Coast storm lingers
December 20, 2009

A major snowstorm slammed the East Coast and snarled the busy holiday travel season Saturday as airports shut down runways, rail service slowed and bus routes were suspended on the last weekend before Christmas.

Record snowfall totals were reported Saturday afternoon at Washington Dulles and Reagan National airports — and snow was still falling. Accumulation at Dulles reached 16 inches, breaking the old record of 10.6 inches set December, 12, 1964; 13.3 inches was reported at Reagan. The old record there was 11.5 inches set December 17, 1932.

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Blizzard Dumps Snow on Copenhagen as Leaders Battle Warming

Blizzard Dumps Snow on Copenhagen as Leaders Battle Warming
December 17, 2009

Dec. 17 (Bloomberg) — World leaders flying into Copenhagen today to discuss a solution to global warming will first face freezing weather as a blizzard dumped 10 centimeters (4 inches) of snow on the Danish capital overnight.

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