Heavy Snow In The Alps

Heavy Snow In The Alps


…The new snow builds on the deep bases established at many ski areas during what were for many record snowfalls in December and January and means these are now freshened up for the Easter holidays as resorts enter what is for most the last month of winter 2011-12…

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Epic Snowfalls In The Alps

Epic Snowfalls In The Alps

January 18, 2012

It’s now a month since snowfall began in the Alps and it has hardly let up since, with the biggest accumulations over that period now approaching 6 metres (20 feet) and reports from some resorts that this is the snowiest January in 30 or even 60 years.

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More Heavy Snow In The Alps – extreme winter weathers has led to temporary closures of some areas

More Heavy Snow In The Alps


There have been heavy snowfalls in the Alps over the past few days with accumulations of up to 60cm (two feet) reported.

Around 18 glacier ski areas are currently open to enjoy it all in the four main Alpine nations, although the extreme winter weathers has led to temporary closures of some areas so it is of course important to check ahead before you arrive.

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New Australian record: Minus 13 degrees – the coldest it’s ever been in April!

Minus 13 degrees – the coldest it’s been in April

April 29, 2009

A new Australian record was set early this morning, a temperature of minus 13 degrees, at Charlotte Pass on the Snowy Mountains.

A few other locations set April low temperature records also. In Tasmania Lake Leake was as cold as minus six, Sheffield and Dover both reached minus one and Flinders island got to zero. Hobart had its coldest April night in 46 years, recording a low of 1.7 degrees, seven below average.

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