Finland: Deep freeze records set across the country

Deep freeze records set across the country
18 January 2013

Arctic temperatures plunged many parts of Finland into a winter deep freeze Thursday night. However the all-time cold record for the season still stands at -34.7 degrees Celsius, set in Kiutaköngäs, Kuusamo in December.

Thursday night’s extreme cold set new temperature records across Finland. According to the Finnish Meteorological Institute record low temperatures were recorded in Uusimaa, southern Karelia and the Häme region.

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One Response to “Finland: Deep freeze records set across the country”

  1. outdoor-enthusiast

    Perhaps my cycling lifestyle, which includes cycling to work and for grocery shopping throughout this Canadian winter, has helped reduce the global warming. I have dramatically lowered my carbon footprint. For instance, I will always ride my bike instead of taking a private jet. Just trying to do my part to save the planet.

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