Adelaide, South Australia, longest February cold spell since 1977

Adelaide summer warmth set to return
February 11, 2012

Adelaide has remained at least seven degrees cooler than average for the past six day’s, which is a February feat not seen before since at least 1977.

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One Response to “Adelaide, South Australia, longest February cold spell since 1977”

  1. Tony William Powell

    Sounds like you are experiencing a topsy turvy climate too. There does seem to something of a trend here as we have experienced odd weather in the UK too. September through January were all very dry but conversely much warmer than usual in my location. However, the first twelve days of February saw the return of winter with some snow and a couple of ice days. Today however, saw the temperatures rise to double-digits once again. How nature learns to coexist in all of this is beyond me, but it somehow survives.

    Kind Regards

    Tony Powell

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