Korea: Extreme Cold Temperatures Nation-wide on Lunar New Year

Extreme Cold Temperatures Nation-wide on Lunar New Year

January 23, 2012

It is the first day of the Lunar New Year here in Korea.

If you’re planning to head out or stay outdoors today, make sure you’re ready for bone-chilling weather conditons, because the whole country is under extremely cold temperatures this morning, with most of Korea either under cold wave watches and warnings!

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One Response to “Korea: Extreme Cold Temperatures Nation-wide on Lunar New Year”

  1. Alex

    What Italian TV described as Siberian temperatures is arriving today over North Italy going southwards later on. There are many countries simultaneously sufferring lower than normal, freezing temperatures from Alaska eastwards to North Korea, while the southern hemisphere is not having a summer at all. So its not a higher than average in thr SH and lower than average in the NH and thus having an avergae global condition, but it is colder-than-normal all over. This could be what solar scientists have been predicting following the longer than normal, weak solar cycle 24. Now, it is being predicted that sc 25 will be even worse, throwing the planet in a multi-decadal freeze.

    I just hope that Andrea Rossi’s cold fusion heater really works. It sure will come in handy.

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