Australia: Coldest start to Summer

Storms rattle Sydney in coolest start to summer in 51 years
December 4, 2011

Thunderstorms are helping Sydney achieve its coolest start to summer in 51 years, according to

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Melbourne shivers through coldest summer in 15 years
December 02, 2011

MOTHER Nature missed her cue as Melbourne yesterday shivered through its coldest start to summer in 15 years.

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4 Responses to “Australia: Coldest start to Summer”

  1. chuck aka xtnyoda

    Wow! Looks like that new law to tax carbon in order to lower the world’s temperature has started working pretty fast there in Australia!

  2. Neil Wyatt

    If it is cool down under and cold here in the UK then I can’t see either pole melting.
    About time this green rubbish ended before we all go bust. It was all based on hype and propaganda anyway, by short sighted politicians and backed up by gravy train establishment so called scientists.

  3. jim heath

    What about my 4 billion desalination plant? I’m dying of thrist here. What a bunch of Wallies.

  4. G fearne

    Read the whole story…….la nina

    “Looking further ahead, the summer as a whole is likely to be close to or cooler than average, regarding maximum temperatures. We will still get our hot days but La Nina will increase the chances of extra cloud, humidity and rainfall, hence cooler daytime temperatures,” Dutschke said.

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