Polar temperatures hit Buenos Aires

Polar temperatures hit Buenos Aires

30 June 2011

A polar wave of low temperatures hit Argentina today as the thermometers considerably descended in what is expected to be one of the coldest winters of the decade, announced the National Meteorological Service (SMN) last week.

Low temperatures might even bring some snow to the capital and suburban areas, a rare event as the one registered in 2007 when the snow took porteños by surprise after 89 years without the phenomenon.

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One Response to “Polar temperatures hit Buenos Aires”

  1. stefanthedenier

    Reason for southern part of South America is experiencing extra coldness; is same reason Brazil, Belize were getting far below normal rainfall. It started few weeks after the Copenhagen conference. Big ice sheet has bracken of Antarctic, the size of Texas. For hundreds of years, when currents were bringing warmwater south; under that ice was protected by the ice /as insulator, from the tremendous coldness. White ice is full of air as insulator. Minus that ice, the currents take that water north around South America = colder water = less evaporation = less rainfall. Now those currents are releasing north extra coldness. The extra coldness accumulate without that ice sheet as insulator.
    If some freak current bring some of that extra colder water to Barrier Reef – will decimate the coral. They will blame the phony GLOBAL warming. Under that ice lots of plankton /krill where sheltering during winter. Without that ice – most of critters will freeze to death. Those critters were food for many other critters, including for the whales. Question is: did that Packed ice after hundreds of years has bracken 4-5 weeks after Copenhagen conference by coincidence; or when the Warmist on Antarctic realized how big flop the conference was – had enough time to drill few holes – drop dynamite down in the water below = explosion under water makes waves to brake any ice. They stated that: that ice sheet will flaw north and bring lots of coldness, to prevent global warming. It was their backdoor exit.
    If it was agreement made in Copenhagen – they would have had justification for not delivering GLOBAL warming – no matter how much more CO2 increased. But because of the complete flop, they needed backdoor exit. Then after Kevin Rudd was booted; the bias media persisted with the warming con; that ice sheet justification was packet in the bottom draw – for ‘’if needed’’

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