Norway’s coldest November in living memory

Norway’s coldest November in living memory
December 3, 2010

Yesterday we saw the satellite image of the UK, buried under snow for the second time in 2010, see UK Covered in snow, for the second winter. And we’ve seen and heard the reports about the impact snow is having in the UK and in Europe. Now let’s have alook at some cold records.

Translated from is the joint online weather service from the Norwegian Meteorological Institute and the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation.

Norway got over a hundred new records in November.

Cold, colder, coldest. Unless you remember back to the year 1919, November 2010 is definitely the “coldest.”

The whole country is in the freezer

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3 Responses to “Norway’s coldest November in living memory”

  1. jean-philippe

    You do know that the weather of Northern Europe is influenced by the Gulf stream, right? And the warmer the Arctic gets, the slower the Gulf stream and the colder Northern Europe become? So yeah, Norway is on its way to be colder and colder.

  2. Heiner

    jean-phillipe, what are you talking about?

    Read the facts:

    Gulf Stream ‘is not slowing down’

  3. jean-philippe

    Thanks for the link. OK. Slighly odd variations so far, no slow down.

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