Record Cold in Alaska

Record Cold in Alaska
September 29th, 2010

…Get a load of these low temperatures in September: -11°F near Beaver Village, -10° near Chalkyitsik. Chicken, Alaska was -5°. Bettles reached ZERO on Monday, tying the coldest temperature ever recorded there in September. Eielson AFB near Fairbanks was +3°, and that was the coldest temperature they have ever had in any September (the average low for Fairbanks now is 28°). Daily records were set at Eagle (0°), Gulkana (3°), King Salmon (17°) and Cold Bay (31°). …

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2 Responses to “Record Cold in Alaska”

  1. Bill Vancouver

    I received a copy of your ‘Record Cold in Alaska’ article, but no trace of a website. How do we follow your predictions?

  2. Paul Nelson

    2011 – Late Jan, early Feb – towns in Alaska and Northern Canada have temperatures 15 – 20 degrees above normal – and are complaining about a lack of snow. In the mid-West and East in the lower 48 we are in a cold spell with lots of snow.

    Jet stream is reaching down to Florida. Some climatologists indicate that the warm temperatures in the North may be causing the change in the jet stream. Global warming side effect!?

    Certainly sounds like Climate Change to me.

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