Heavy August Snowfall in the European Alps

Up To 45cm Fresh August Snow In 24 Hours on Swiss Glaciers


…Switzerland’s two open glacier ski areas have seen remarkable August snowfalls with Saas Fee reporting 45cm (18 inches) of new snow on Sunday, with more falling since, including another 5cm (two inches) yesterday. Neighbouring Zermatt, the only area open 365 days and home to Europe’s highest lifts, reported healthy snowfalls too. Saas Fee describes current conditions as “packed powder” and has a 1.6m (5.3 foot) base with terrain park and half pipe open. Both resorts set off Powder Alarms on Skiinfo.com, triggered for snowfall of 20cm or more, obviously a rare event in August…

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One Response to “Heavy August Snowfall in the European Alps”

  1. The Grey Piper

    Don’t worry, the Warmingologists have a handy explanation, I’m sure. And when all else fails, just say “Climate Change.”

    How do we know Warmingology isn’t science? No falsifiability. ANY set of data is interpreted to support the AGW Hypothesis. Before these guys ever said a word about warming or change, they should have had a dispositive event/data set defined which would show the hypothesis/theory to be false. That is the hallmark of real science, not loftily announcing that “The SCI–CE Is Settled.”

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