Cold Wave Kills 6 Million Fish in Eastern Bolivia

Cold Wave Kills 6 Million Fish in Eastern Bolivia
August 5, 2010

LA PAZ – Authorities in the eastern Bolivian province of Santa Cruz declared an alert following the death of 6 million fish from the unusually cold weather gripping the country in recent weeks.

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One Response to “Cold Wave Kills 6 Million Fish in Eastern Bolivia”

  1. The Grey Piper

    Don’t worry, the Warmingologists have a handy explanation, I’m sure. And when all else fails, just say “Climate Change.”

    How do we know Warmingology isn’t science? No falsifiability. ANY set of data is interpreted to support the AGW Hypothesis. Before these guys ever said a word about warming or change, they should have had a dispositive event/data set defined which would show the hypothesis/theory to be false. That is the hallmark of real science, not loftily announcing that “The SCI–CE Is Settled.”

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