Record cold in Australia

Record cold in Australia

Adelaide, Alice Springs, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney

Desperate times as Alice shivers on coldest day
July 6, 2010

The previous coldest day was in August 1966 when the maximum temperature reached just 7 degrees Celsius.

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Adelaide: Record looms, and shivers it’s cold
July 05, 2010

The Bureau of Meteorology’s early forecast is for an overnight low of just 3C tonight and if correct it will equal the record run of six nights below 5C set in 1982.

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Sydney’s coldest June morning for more than 60 years
June 30, 2010

Sydney’s week of cold weather continues, with the city recording its coldest June morning since 1949 when temperatures dived to 4.3 degrees.

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Melbourne faces longest cold snap in 14 years
July 2, 2010

If you thought it was colder than normal, you’re right: Melbourne is within reach of its longest cold snap in 14 years.

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Perth on track to beat winter chill record
June 30, 2010

The recent run of cold night weather in Perth could soon become the longest spell on record as the city shivers through its coldest June in 15 years.

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Cloud blankets Queensland, Brisbane coldest in two years
July 2, 2010

Brisbane only reached a maximum of 16 degrees, four below the July average and the coldest day in almost two whole years. Longreach, near the heart of Queensland, topped at just 14, the second coldest July day in 17 years.

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14 Responses to “Record cold in Australia”

  1. Science

    somebody forgot to tell you it’s called “climate change”, and extreme (record-breaking) weather, hot or cold, wet or dry, is a symptom.

  2. shaun

    Global cooling. If u are still on the global warming bandwagon. Wake up! Its cooling down fast. the howl world is seeing COLD extremes summer and winter.

  3. The Australian’s overheated time warp misses half of 2010 | Watts Up With That?

    […] without the time warp, this news will be a tough sell in Australia, which has had a string of unusually cold weather records broken in the past weeks. For example Sydney just broke a 60 year old cold […]

  4. Smiity

    Actually, it was originally called “Global Warming” and that’s the platform, however weak, on which they stood.

    But once they realized that nature wasn’t cooperating with their theory, they changed the name to “Climate Change” which has been the case on every planet in the universe since the beginning. Talking about attempting to cover your bases.

    Simply put, it’s like the claim “Asbestos is perfectly safe – US government and Corporations circa 1950.” They lie all the time when money is involved. This is just another lie.

  5. Urod

    Unfortunatelly this news is used by ‘coolists’ , like Mike Rivero , to support their ‘science’ .
    But go to Europe right now and watch Heat records broken , even in Moscow !!
    When the sea levels are rising for decades , just ask the Dutch , one can wonder : is the melting of ice due to cooling or heating ?? QED . Period.
    See a world free of lies and deceit at , future shocking .

  6. Jalaluddin

    The global warming monkeys will not shut up until they turn to brass and their testicles drop off.

  7. Boris

    At the next election vote green 1 & labour 2. We need a “CARBON TAX” to stop global heat! Plus remember to drink your fluoridated water!

  8. michael mazur

    Urod, can you tell us how much undersea volcanos contribute to global warming and how many of them there are ?

    Can you tell us why the carbon dioxide monitor is located at Mauna Loa ?

  9. George Orwell

    It has always been “Climate Change”.
    It has never been “Global Warming”.

  10. Andy

    First it was Global Warming. Then that theory went out the door when they realised that the hottest temperatures recorded in the last 100 years in Melbourne was actually in the summer of 1939 where temperatures reached over 47 celcius.

    The bushfires of January 13 1939, known as the ‘Black Friday’ fires, were the result of a long drought and a severe, hot, dry summer. Fanned by extremely strong winds, these fires swept rapidly across large areas of Victoria, causing widespread destruction.

    When they realized that people wouldn’t believe in Global Warming because it is obvious that the globe isn’t getting any hotter each year, they decided to call it “Climate Change”.

    The earth experiences climate change every year. It has been since the earth was formed. Does carbon emissions cause the climate to change? Of course it doesn’t. They said that carbon emissions caused the drought. Did it cause the drought from 1895-1902?

    The ‘Federation Drought’, 1895-1902

    In the five years leading up to Federation in January 1901, there were intermittent dry spells throughout Australia. By spring 1901, very dry conditions were being experienced across all of eastern Australia. Rivers in western Queensland dried up and the Darling River almost ran dry at Bourke in New South Wales. Murray River towns such as Mildura, Balranald and Deniliquin, which depended on the river for transport, suffered badly.

    Now that the drought is over in Australia, what are the Greenie’s gonna come up with next? Next they will be saying that Garret’s insulation program has caused Australia to have its coldest winter in 30 years and made the rain fall all over the country.

    I feel sorry for the kids that are being taught false information in schools based on absolutely no proof. Very very sad.

  11. Ian

    I’m confused, could someone point out the cooling on this data from the Bureau of Meteorology:

    hmm, its as if there is some sort of long term average warming trend that is unaffected by normal cold weather events.

    PS: it was originality “The greenhouse affect” then “global warming” then “climate change”. It only changes to make it easier to get the message across.

  12. U.S. and global Temperatures are cooling « ConvenienTruth

    […] Record Summer 2010 cold in Australia link […]

  13. Mark Barter

    I had a look at the second map you mentioned. Underneath this map is written “Based on a 30 year climatology (1961-90)”
    Firstly, if they started from 1961, how did they get the data for the years 1900-1960. Guesstimates ?
    Secondly, they have records dating back to 1850 so why have they ignored approx 110 years worth of data.
    Its easy to “prove” something when you only use the data that can show what you are arguing and ignore the bits that don’t.
    What really makes me aggro is that we are paying these idiots (I wont call them scientists as they have proved they can’t be trusted) to lie to us.

  14. Ian

    Mark Barter,

    “Based on a 30 year climatology (1961-90)”

    That means they took an average during that period to decide what’s above average and what’s below average. It doesn’t mean they only started recording in 1961!

    on your second point:

    they probably didn’t include pre-1900 data because Australia didn’t have that many weather stations back then! I think you will find that going back further will only weaken your argument not strengthen it, see:

    and how did they prove they cant be trusted?

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