Unusually cold weather strikes World Cup

Unusually cold weather strikes World Cup

Jun 17, 2010

Unusually cold weather continues to ride roughshod over South Africa’s World Cup, with Friday’s game between Germany and Serbia also due to be held amid bad weather conditions, media reports say.

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3 Responses to “Unusually cold weather strikes World Cup”

  1. Ed

    First I’ll start with the most glaring error: Johannesburg is not and never has been the capital of South Africa. South Africa actually has three capitals, an administrative capital at Pretoria, a legislative capital at Cape Town and a judicial capital at Bloemfontein. Pretoria is usually considered “the capital” if only one has to be chosen.

    Next to the weather. Telling us about extreme weather events tells us very little about the state of the global climate. For example the unusually cold weather experienced in parts of Europe and North America this past January brought forth all sorts of clever comments about “where’s the global warming” etc. However, when the global satelite temperature figures for the month of January were released it turned out to be the warmest January worldwide in the 32 year satelite record.

    I think this shows the danger in taking anecdotal weather statistics for limited parts of the world over a short time and from that trying to argue something about the global climate.

  2. Jo Jo

    Hot weather = Man-made Global Warming
    Record cold = Simply weather

  3. James K.

    Thank goodness for global warming, can you imagine how much colder it would have been if it weren’t for global warming 🙂

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