Four Gorillas die from extreme cold weather conditions

Four Gorillas die from extreme weather conditions
22nd of May, 2010

One mother gorilla and three infants are reported to have died because of extreme weather conditions, the Rwanda Development Board (RDB) has announced.

The dead mountain gorillas were discovered during routine monitoring by the RDB trackers between May 16th and 17th 2010.



4 Responses to “Four Gorillas die from extreme cold weather conditions”

  1. Sam Dorrington

    What a horrible story.

    Is this a normal occurrence that Gorillas can be susceptible to the cold weather conditions?

    I guess obviously the infant gorillas would be more liable to fatality in severe conditions, but with the mother also dying that is not only sad but very surprising.

    How bad was the weather conditions for this to happen, and was this due to a ‘freak’ spout of cold weather as surely all animals generally know when the seasons are changing and natural instinct takes over that they need to reach a suitable habitat or preparation to combat what lies ahead?

  2. Trey

    Thanks for the interesting article on gorillas. I come from Africa and its always nice to read about the effort people go to, to protect these animals.

  3. Toni Eatros

    How terrible!
    Was the cause really a mere weather or is there any other reasons to consider.
    Sam Dorrington was right. I guess the infants are liable, but the mother, I don’t think so. She’s already an adult and I think with a long span of time living in that kind of environment, she should be immuned with the ecology and should be able to respond if there’s a weather change.
    And it’s the instinct as well that will move them in response to whatever sudden alteration of the natural habitat.

  4. Greg Fleischaker

    I hadn’t realized that there were groups of gorillas that had express purposes, such as a research group, and a tourism group. I found it odd that the article said tourism activities had not been affected, since it was a research group. While a very sad story, I was struck by carefully these animals are followed for economic reasons.

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