Arctic ice recovers from the great melt

Arctic ice recovers from the great melt
April 4, 2010

IF you thought it was cold in Britain for the time of year, you should see what is happening around the North Pole. Scientists have discovered that the size of the Arctic ice cap has increased sharply to levels not seen since 2001.



4 Responses to “Arctic ice recovers from the great melt”

  1. rogerthesurf

    Naah its only a blip in global warming.
    Check out Professr Latif! There is going to be 30 yrs of cooler, icier temperatures but its because of global warming.

    At least thats what I think he is saying!

    Sounds like a final squirming of a crooked scientist to me, setting the scene so he can quietly retire and then get the hell out of the place with his super intact. Haha

    To see what I think of Global Warming check out



  2. Boudu

    I wonder if Vicky Pope will be around in 2060 to witness that ice free pole she confidently predicts.

  3. Russell

    If you’re located in Wisconsin you might find this interesting:

    Sure looks like Wisconsin is getting hotter based on historical temperature data. Feel free to try to shoot down my results.

  4. Ian

    I’m shocked… a scientist that realizes one result doesn’t indicate a trend. Let’s face it, they want to see their name in print and since sensationalism sells better than reasoned argument, then sensational predictions are what we get. Ever since I read James Lovelock’s book “Gaiea” I’ve been convinced that the planet is a self regulating system that will adjust for problems. We humans will have to adapt as well instead of trying to control planetary atmospherics (as if we could!).

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