Australia: Record cold morning in SA and WA

Record cold morning in SA and WA
December 9, 2009

Wednesday morning was a record cold one for parts of southern WA and SA.

Southerly winds over the last few days eased and skies cleared allowing for crisp clear nights and a recipe for a chill.

Elliston on the West Coast of SA dipped to 4.8 degrees, 10 below average and the lowest December minimum in 47 years of records.

A little further inland, Wuddinna was as cold as 4.6 at about sunrise, making it the coldest December night in 10 years of records.

Just across the WA border, in the Eucla, it was a similar story. Both Eyre and Eucla broke December records spanning more than 50 years.

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One Response to “Australia: Record cold morning in SA and WA”

  1. Bunji

    Can confirm this on the Yorke Peninsula, South Australia. Light rain overnight, cool strong to moderate winds and overcast at the moment. A lovely 19C for the second week of our summer!
    Harvesting of cereal crops is not being done today. Farmers wont like this as a lot of crops are still standing in the paddocks and the weather could affect the quality of the grain.
    Not expected to get over 35C til Tuesday next week.

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